23 February, 2009

No words right now.. but HAPPINESS!! :D :D

'Nail'ed it!" :D

I was never a fan of painting my nails or even growing them. I had a recent week with LOOOOADSS of work and I had to see my nails grow long. I decided cutting them or biting them wasn't an option and once I did so, my fingers felt very weird for the next two days. I filed them neat for the first time and painted them with J's polish. Looked nice and I'm happy I haven't taken it off yet.

Very very weird thing to blog about, but BELIEVE ME - I consider it an achievement. My mom's gonna be so happy I won't bite my nails and my fingers look good too!

19 February, 2009

Flicky Bank!

It's that time of the morning when I decide to wake up and work. Unknown number calls and says "Madam we are issuing loan for your account - do u want?" Its like listening to a chaai waala ask you "Madam, do you want a vadai to go with your tea?"!
These sales calls have become so bad! I get atleast a minimum of three from these people!

Its a typical day at work when my I get an SMS with my Credit Card Balance. Regular readers can back me up here btw. 27 January 2009 I decide to cut my credit card and NEVER use it again. I checked my online account to see the 'statement' and I was SHOCKED to see 2 transactions on 16 February 2009. I'm just so glad i checked!!! My credit card was charged 2000/- bucks for an insurance policy which I didn't even know I had!!!

I called customer care and this is the answer they give. 'Madam, this is an insurance policy that you sign for over the phone. Also, you have been holding this policy for over a year and you paid last year's fee as well.' I asked her how a policy of mine could go on for more than a year without my knowledge. And her reply 'Madam, the sales people would have informed you that this is an auto renewal policy which just continues taking money from your account!'

Well, this is the insurance policy I have which I 'signed' for over the phone. And which I don't hold any paper document with any seal or anything. AND, it is auto renewed every year.

1) Citibank has all the time to send people SMSes about every offer they have - they couldn't send me one SMS about this damn policy I'm 'paying' for.

2) Once someone says YES over the phone, there is no confirmation where a representative actually gets your official signature for the 'papers.'

3) You call customer care with such a problem about money being charged on your CC and they have the audacity to say "2000 rupees only no Madam, keep it!!!."


From Manasa's Profile!

Here's something my friends are all gonna love me for. picked it out of Manasa's profile.

Let's see how many agree and how many don't!

18 February, 2009

Spoilt Kids On The Block! Run For Your Lives!!!!

What's with these kids who come outta home for the first time?!?! What do they expect, Butterflies to wake them up from their sleep? ALL things have to go their way. And when problem strikes, its sulking all the way till one gets bored of it or till people get bored of giving one the attention. Spoiled to the core. Were you given the right to JUST say ANYTHING when you were born?!

Stop rubbing you sorry single lives on my face. Snap back to reality, learn to decide, GROW UP!!

I'm a happy person and I like it that way. DO NOT SULK IN FRONT OF ME. Grow up, break your crystal shell that has been tinted with sheer pampering and spilling of love and see the real world. Its different, its new and it sucks but you're gonna have to deal with it. Whether now, or sometime later!!!

Wish I could whack the senses and wake the living reality daylights out of these people!!

17 February, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me! :D And 100th post on my blogd :D

I'm 22 today! :D No, wait - I complete 22 and start 23! Yes, 87 born! :D

My blog gets its 100th post today! which you are reading! :D So glad I started blogging! :D

Thanks for all your wishes people! :D

16 February, 2009

Political party? Or just a caste discrimination idea to prove one's dominance?

Sunday, the 15 of February was supposedly a HUGE deal in Kondunaad. Well, kongunaad comprises of all those places where 'Gounders' are prominent. A political party has been formed to help these areas overcome some problems the textile industry has been facing for a long time. The objectives and action plans of this 'party' are great!

Districts of Coimbatore, Tirupur, the Nilgiris, Erode, Salem, Karur, Namakkal, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Dindigul have been facing a lot of trouble with electricity, allowances for textile industries etc. This party's main goal is to solve the problems that children of these caste members face at colleges due to seat reservation. Members of this caste are segregated as BC - Backward Class and the posts of judges and vice-chancellors are never given to them per Govt lines. (Not like it works that way either!)

This party was officially launched on Sunday and had a minimum crowd of 8 lakh people and sources say they had an easy collection of 16 crores as donation in the last week. (makes sense to invest all the black money in helping build the industry!)

Good thoughts, appealing manifesto. This party hopes to get votes from all the eligible gounders which is more than a crore here. They stand to win if their campaigns are as effective as their launch. And if they DO win, they rule their land and it will be like the return of the kings.

Businessmen run this party! So the strategies are great.

*First, they attacked the correct demographic - The Sentimental and prestigious caste clan.

*Second, they studied the market of the previous politicians in the area and came up with something much more appealing than them.

*Third, they got the people to believe that 'if u don't vote for your caste candidate - you are making a BIG mistake.'

*Fourth, they not only kept one city as target, they've given all cities in Kongunaad equal importance and equal distribution of seats and posts.

*Fifth, they got everyone believing that this is JUST a political party.

*Sixth, they made their launch a money making session by an entry fee of Rs.2/- which comes up to Rs.16 lakhs for a minimum crowd.

*Seventh, they not only got the gounders believing that these guys have something in store for them and their industries but also they got every labor in and around Tirupur and the Textile kingdom hoping for a change (which means more votes!)

Brilliant marketing strategies and campaign techniques. Hats off to the guys who were the sole reason of me getting pissed off at two best friends over a conference who bugged my soul for over 40 minutes. And good luck to those who have high hopes for this darn party! I was hoping things more positive like the little BC box will vanish, not go a line higher and near the FC box in applications!


10 February, 2009

Sleepy morning.. crazy night!

Things to avoid at a sales conference :

1)Sit behind a tall person - What's the point if you came all the way and got to hear only voices echo from 3 different speakers and a huge head with different colors is hiding your view!?

2) Forget lip balm - One of the most important things for me on ANY day.

3) Carrying a bag - Never carry a bag. Go empty handed and empty headed.

4) Forget chewing gum - a long while of silence and AC makes u wanna chew gum. So carry gum.

5) Forget a shawl - Novotel has AC blowers right above your head, so ALWAYS carry a shawl. No bag, but shawl.

6) Sit behind people with turbans - If you think changing places is ok after the first session, choose a place with no Sardar in front of you. Turbans are also equal to tall people you know.

05 February, 2009

25 random things about me

I was as usual taking my day's break by stalking people on Facebook and I came across two people's posts - 25 random things about me. I decided to list mine too. So here goes... 25 things about Pragi

1) I'm Pragathambal - though I mostly say I don't like my name - I love it! I like being called Pragi.

2) I've grown my hair to various lengths according to my mom's wishes and now I wish I hadn't.

3) I have lived away from home for most of my life and I love the independence I have. I'm never homesick, I hate that!

4) To me the most important thing is staying happy, and I try to always.

5) I love spending time with my grandparents when they are not talking about my salary or my food habits.

6) Talking of food habits, I eat a lot when I like the food. If not I waste. I've tried my best to stop wasting and I'm getting close to succeeding.

7) Over these years of school and college / friends and family - I've lost my temper and become overly patient which I now hate. I grew up trying to prove a point for everything - now I don't. I've learned to listen and I love me for that!

8) I wear Black once a week and I don't know why. I never wore pink before but now all I wanna buy is pink!

9) I sleep opposite sides on my cot - I somehow sleep better this way. I need a good conversation with someone before I go to sleep, or I cannot.

10) I'm a little fast - in everything except eating. I like to do things fast. Things that go slow don't work well with me.

11) I don't believe in horoscopes/astrology blah blah. I believe in the minute, the second. But I do make dinner plans ;)

12) I'm cranky when woken up. Very. I like sleeping till I wake myself.

13) I can stop at any paani poori waala on the road and eat. I love experimenting food from different places. My favorite so far is from Ajnabi, Fountain Plaza. :D Also, sandwich waala outside Alsamall.

14) I used to hate posing for pictures earlier, now I don't. I like having my pictures taken and I like going through them once in a while.

15) I'm super excited before my birthdays but when people ask me I hide my excitement. I love my birthdays! I sometimes have a countdown before my birthday.

16) When my laundry bag if full and my cupboard is empty - there have been instances where I took leave from college and work to wash clothes.

17) I'm a brat. Was, am, will be. I think my worst was rubbing my nanny's toothbrush on my friend's shoes when I was 12. (I think of it everyday and I feel guilty!)

18) I missed an opportunity to go to the US when I was in college. I hated myself for letting that happen. I blame myself for that though I'm not supposed to. I'm going in July 2009.

19) I eat ice cream once a week. I feel handicapped when I don't. Chocolate is a daily dose. I've passed 3 years with a resolution that I should stop eating chocolate successfully.

20) I'm used to standing in lines right from the very first boarding school I went to. So, if you see me standing behind you in any public place - That's what I'm doing.

21) I like to be left alone when I don't feel like it - but otherwise I'm the one who is speaking. Always!

22) I once dreamed that my cousin and I opening a nursery with exotic flowers and vegetables. I think of this dream once in a while.

23) I once pooped in my pants and that was the most embarrassing moment in my life ever! (I had a bad stomach!) I was 12 and that's when my nanny made fun of me and I ruined her tooth brush.

24) I thought I was a nerd in school but I wasn't. I thought I was a nerd in high school but I wasn't. I thought I was a nerd in college but I wasn't in college ever. My attendance was called Permission.

25) I love to brag about myself. Though I know I have 3 followers on this blog who know me too well. I still love to talk about myself.

There are 2 colors in my bedroom and I don't like both.

04 February, 2009

How painful a 'NO' from an unknown person can be!

I somehow choose my team meetings to blog. That's when all my thoughts keep coming on the black frame under my sleepy eyes.

Two days back I was at the US consulate building for my interview. My family is traveling to the US in July for a Lions Club conference. My dad had been going through the forms and documents for over a month. It so happened that I went home 2 days before this interview day. My dad would open these papers and cross check with the checklist form the travel agent every night. I was also asked to bring my bank documents which i didn't want my parents to see. So many papers and soooo much tension. I always thought what the deal was. But it is!

My brother is completing his 12th std this year and we were all doubtful whether his would get through. Mine was not a problem as I had a letter from my company and I was pretty confident.

When we were in the line my mother and I saw a girl weeping outside the building. Probably a rejection... It was really sad to see her. Every application costs Rs 8,000. People who cannot afford it cannot keep applying!

It was sad as we went in I saw more sad faces. Our application went smooth and we were all granted visas. When we were in the line we could see that everyone before the line were with just one reaction. People after the line were of two emotions - sad and Extremely happy! I saw an equal amount of both. But as I came out I felt sad about the fact that not everyone gets what they want...and its not like they get their money back. Its sad!

Its very sad to have someone say a NO, specially someone you don't know and yet they have all the power to say a NO!

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