29 December, 2012

Kill them, Kasab style

I woke with a deeply disturbed mind. How much is too much? How many is too many? When will the government understand and realize that all this has gone too far? Inside, I knew this was going to happen. The girl would be flown out of the nation to avoid political unrest. Then she would die there at midnight. What shame.

Why do this to a girl? Can 6 men together feel animal lust at the same time? When does one lose their morals - while staring at a woman wearing makeup? or while staring at a woman in jeans? If 6 men were in it together, how is it that not even one of them thought it was wrong and stopped it? So if we were to take a sample size of 10 men in our country, are 6/10 of them animals? What upbringing did these men have? Did they grow up with no morals at all? If they thought a girl travelling with a male friend at 9.30 pm was wrong, did they not think raping her was wrong too? 

Dear Men,

As a woman who has been in this country for 26 years now, I'd like to say something on behalf of my gender. While we are travelling in a bus, don't rub yourselves on us - we don't like it. When we walk on the road and you are the proud pillion rider in a two wheeler, don't slap our behinds are you pass us - we don't like it. When we travel in trains and you are on the topmost berth, don't bend down to look at us lying down - we don't like it. When we walk in and out of a mall or any public place - do not sit with your friends and say lewd stuff - we can hear you and we don't like it.When you are seniors in a college, treat us like juniors - don't call us and question us just about anything in the name of ragging - it's not cool, at all. When we come from 'out of station' and become your tenants, don't expect anything more from us other than the rent we are supposed to give. Yes, it shatters our confidence and scares us. But we won't stop there. If your ultimate idea to prove you are strong is by raping a woman, remember a woman can rise even after that. Mainly, as a race that walks with your genitalia outside, remember we are more equipped with knives and nails more than you are. 

Whenever you think that a woman is pretty, and in your very solemn way imagine her in bed, keep the party in your mind and in your pants. No more of 'think of your mother and sister drama'. Even the phrase 'eve teasing' is so chauvinistic. Its called 'Physical assault' and we all take it seriously. 

We've put up with a lot so far. We won't remain quiet anymore. Enough is enough. 

The gender that will not take it anymore

20 December, 2012

Paranoid Pragi

Paranoia was not a part of me before my son arrived. Now, Im totally paranoid about a few things.

1) While he sleeps in his cradle and I on the bed, I follow his every breath. (some infants have noisy breathing till they are 6 months). If he turns in his sleep, I immediately lose sleep. Padhu wakes up with that jerk I give every time I get up to check on him.

2) When I watch a movie on my laptop, I wear one earphone only. Just in case baby G makes a noise, u know.

3) He sleeps for three hours after his bath. I insist on being there in the same room, or someone else if I'm stepping out for a bath.

4) I don't let him cry much. When he cries, I feel like the whole world's weight is on my shoulders. When he stops, I feel like taking rest. phew!

5) On those days that his blue fleece blanket is in the laundry, I think he doesn't sleep well. Even though he looks normal.

6) I keep thinking about schools he will join in a lot. Yes, now itself.

I'm going to need a lot of help. *shakes head in dismissal while staring into the mirror. wait, he just moved in his cradle*

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...