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Self-control is knowing you can...
But deciding you wont!

Hang on~

Be like a postal stamp - Its usefulness depends on its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there! :) :)

Ha99y b'day Google!

Haphaphappybirthday GOOGLE! Really proudto be a part of theNO.1Company inthe world! :) :)

Reach out... BE the difference!~~

A day may dawn when u realize you have not served the purpose... but what if it's too late? Lend a hand... volunteer true love and care... They need you!

We can We Will!Reach out... BE the difference!

When all you can see is brown~~

When all faces of life seem dark...
When that one ray of hope is trying to find its way through...
When all situations seem intense...
When all that can be seen is very pale...
Smile and be glad you have not received your Hutch bill!!! :-)

Think positive! Make a smile out of every situation! Never say "am sad". Instead find happiness... It's everywhere...

What is not in you is obviously lost somewhere... so go find it! Be proactive!!

When you seem lost in a strange crowd... remember there's a ray a hope fighting it's way to find you!

When things go out of hand... go hand in hand! Don't act smart!

When friends are scared, you be a part of their fear... they will help u find your way out! And they'll be fine!

When you feel like your empty... Stop thinking!

Afresh... will remain!

"Will someone have a bath instead of me? :) "

"Will you be a sweetie pie or ask someone else to be a sweetie pie and buy me a chilli cheese toast from your college canteen? :) "

"31 China, come down! Next she'll call Japan :)"

"Will you still be my friend if I go bald? :( "

"Will you still be my friend if I have an arrear? :( "


"Scott and I are wanting to hear a fairytale!"

"Have you taken the iron? Oops... Iron box! Oh oH... are you the one who says Iron or iron box?! :O"

"Will you be inspiration for me to study?"

"PRAGIIII... you missed roll call. AGAIN!!!!!!!"

"Will you take uthappam and sambhar for me?"

"Pragi, its your turn to buy face wash and can"

Messages that last forever! (AFRESH)

In unison with Nature!~

Feeling the wind of the eucalyptus on your face...
Craving for a glance of the city deep below...
Stiffening holds during the bends...
Stopping by to eat magosteen...
Open air lunches and waterfalls...
The trek up Ooty is to die for!

Queen of hills~~~

The Nilgiris (Blue hills) - my home for 6 years. Nazareth Convent - the place that laid the foundation for what I'm today. Like VG always says, "School is the place where you learn values for life." Dormitory life, prayer before meals, noise, pranks.. everything in me comes from there!

Saturday tuck shops!! Standing in a line would never bore me anytime :) Saturday was the much awaited day for all boarders where we could pick our junk for a certain amount to fill our study desks with food. Lollipops, chips, kit kat, peanuts, naturo... never will I forget those times when we 'SHARED' our tuck! :) LOL! 5 of us put our food together so it looks like we've got a lot. You think so? 5 ppl eating 5 ppl's food is equal to …

Do I look like I care????

DOI LOOKLIKE ICARE?!!!!??!?!!??!?!

You smoke... you drink... clubbing seems stylish?? ------>

You think wearing kurtis is 'ancient' ---------->

You think your guy is better than hers... y u telling me... do i look like i care?

You feel my numbers are more than yours??? Why bother... just mind yours?

Why are my essays rated more than yours... OBVIOUSLY... they are better!!!

GET A LIFE KID! Grow up! It's high time!

(Ppl who know me too well... i could not find paper to write out my frustration so I blogged this!)

Lonavla/Khandala - September 7th to 9th, 2007

September 7th, 2007
The much awaited Lonavla/Khandala trip started off with a BIG boom! We started the wait for the train with the news that we did not have tickets confirmed for the trip! Out of the 55 tickets that were booked... 10 were supposed to be canceled... Whoever the fool of an ass was canceled 45 tickets instead of canceling 10! So we had to travel in the general compartment... and yeah WE DID!

We pushed and rammed the general compartment... bullied the laymen on the luggage rack!!! And we found our places in the compartment TO STAND! hehe! Yes... we stood for more than 3 hours and it was awesome fun to pass around the lil juice packs and chewing gums we all saved for the train! After a lot of talking and convincing Zubin (tour organiser) found a few seats for us! Sarmistha and I managed to squeeze into one berth! We woke at 5 in the morning and found all the guys awake... we gave them our seats and sat for a while!

We arrived at Lonavla at 10:30am on the 8th. We hurried into …

My best friend's gonna wed!

My Best friends gonna be wedded!! Congratulations Aarti!! Love you loads! Really really happy for you!

Storm in a coffee cup!~


It is easier to change one's religion but never their coffee!~ That's an amazing line by Barista. It's human nature to think of someone when they see something! Well... coffee reminds me of 4 best friends I had from college. Son, Mon, Reddy, and Shilps. We can sit in this place and yap about the most stupid things on Earth for hours. We can frustrate all couples who end up in this place. This is our job when we are here. And what do we pay to reach this place? Just one coffee... someone buys! (Mostly Reddy) What do we get for what we pay... Hours of chat/gossip, Gallons of laughter and many many memories! Love you kuthus!

Sofa #3,
Near The Guitar,
Where Shilpa slipped and fell,
Only @ Ethiraj Barista,
Chennai - 600 008



Susu... Miss you fatty!! Gimme that wide shiny smile!
Lakshmi... U didn't wish me first... where's the hug?
Saranya... Wake up!!! Its 12am... oh! Too late! Luv u!
Aarti... HAPPY EVERYDAY!!!! ( find ur flowers below :'()
Shilpu... Appie Friendship dhey! (muah!)
Eeeeevvvaaa... Big fat hug! (stop rolling ur eyes now!)
Naggy... ummmah! (u were the first one this year!!!)
Sintlu Mintlu... :'( Bug me now! I'll take it wholly! muah!
Whaaaaa.... Whhaaa......!!! :( :( Love you all soooooooooooooo much!!! Missing you all Like MAAAADDD!!! :'(

Sprectrum of Life! :-)

Colors of Happiness!
Outburst of Love!
Heights of Confidence!


Thanks for being there always and I'M THE LUCKIEST!!!!! :-) :-)

My first bouquet~

August 2nd, 2007.

A small step... but the beginning! Hoping to do my best in this new phase of my life! Great day! Wonderful intervals between the various good news! The first ever bouquet I received! Thank you!

I call this phase of my life - WORK! But in office... no one calls it so, or at least no one feels so! I've taken a small step ahead and gone on to an additional process in the company. It's nothing BIG in the company. Just an additional process. This thoughtful act made me feel really BIG. It was encouragement that meant a lot. Yeah yeah am talking senti senti... but it has to happen to you! You'll know! Worth it! :) :)

Love ya Loads!

Hail Saranya... and her appetite!

Who's game for good food?!
Who does not feel like hostel pulao?!
Guys, the pickle mummy sent is over man...
Does anyone feel like... no no nothing nothing!
Are you thinking what i'm thinking?!
My friend wants Ponnuswamy number... [:)]
Did someone just say Ponnuswamy?!
Let's order from Ponnuswamy!!!!!!!!!!!
Who's name shall I give... Room #4 Lakshmi!
Who's going to collect the parcel?! Why you all looking at Shilpa?!
One of you message Aarti... and ya remind her its Tuesday!
Susu's downstairs... message her to bring the plates na?!
Oh sooo sweet Nagu... you actually brought the plates!!!
Lakshmi... where are the papers?! Fast Lakshmi...
GUYS!!!!!!!!! FOOD'S HERE!!!!!!! ................ and the rest is silence!

The beach ball!

I kneel before thine feet and ask for thy forgiveness. I shall buy thee a new beach ball for thee to play. Please the forgive the me! hehehe!! Thats one nice pic and the only pic we have of that wonderful beach ball i sent off to Sri Lanka! Am sure Susu will bring it back to us one day (maybe the getogether with our grandkids) :)

There's nothing like the experimental thoughts of wanting to have "molaga bujji" and "sundal" from the beach and finally end up at our all time favorite place "MURUGAN IDLY KADAI". Three cheers to our MURUGAN IDLY KADAI!

And once again... I bow before thy all and ask for thy forgiveness!

And shilps..(how i miss ur madness... this pic is the centre of my desktop!) Miss u! :'(


Today was TGIF.. and a bollywood theme to it at office..! Ok... TGIF is Thank God Its Friday when we Ctrl+Alt+Del our systems at 4p.m and run up to the cafeteria to social gathering of all employees at Google and grab loooooaddsss of food! (FINE. I have put on weight!!) It was an awesome time with people dressed like Rani, Priyanka, Dev Anand and all possible people... There was even one Himesh who really sang one constipated song for us!! LOL!

What else? As usual reminded me of the good old times at Hostel nite and freshers.. hehe! All the fun of screaming out ur pals name when she's on stage with the whole gang along!! All the fun of practizing for a whole month and yelling at the DJ for ruining the cassette... and yeah also yelling at the DJ for Tamil songs! hehe! The group dances of "Kutthu" and "Pettarap" for western music.. hehe! Wish that could happen here... shhh! (Dignity... right?!)

It all happens only at one place... presenting to you.. Rani Meyammai H…

Maxim Kushbee!?

Aarti... am sure you are smiling :) :) Never forget this pic will you?! i won't... It was D day! March 25,2006. Wesley grounds, Royapettah.

AGAL. In aid of a blind home called Nethrodaya located at Mogappair. Singers Unni Menon, Unni Krishnan, Srinivas, Tippu, Harini, Chithra, Mirchi Suchi, Mohd. Aslam and many are peforming at the show. The founder is Gopi (GRRR!!!) and we are TEAM VISION. Actors madhavn and Parthiban are lending their voice on Radio Mirchi for this noble cause. And we have discussions going on for airing an ad featuring Kushboo and Vikram supporting this cause. Chennai online is our site partner and Radio Mirchi is our media partner. Well well well... This is one dialogue all of us can say at any point of time in life. (without a single mistake...note the point your honour!)

But there's this one moment when we (Keerthana, Aarti and Pragi) went to book the Wesley grounds for D day which we will never forget. Whoever that funny guy at the managers desk was so im…

Tho kya?!

My 10th std hindi has actually given me some confidence in Hyderabad... splly with the auto drivers :) Never thought i'd get this fluent with the National language though... Thanks to Kuthu :)

Not a part of my desktop or my wallet pictures but this piglet is there just everywhere... Lucky Manoj :) She's preparing to leave some stupid far-off village... cookery classes i believe... any need?? Kutthu. (yey sab karna hey na...) hehe.

Poorest joker... greatest laughter... cribbing... culturals... FOOD :).. dancing... department... Phew... wish you could come here for a while yaar... atleast to handle these auto drivers. Idiot. But am so happy for her. A super dooper futur awaiting tu. jeethi raho betti. :) :)

Full yet empty

Hmm.. its been three weeks at this great place and every day is as new as the first. I've learned a lot its good to be paid for getting taught :)

Settled? What would i call it? A place to stay, a job in hand, people who would offer to come with you when you need to go out... yeah. good. Feels nice...

But the missing balance on the phones, late rising, gossip and chat, roll call bells, late night talks... nah nah. Nothing here...

The huge rooms and balconies are so lifeless when there's no one to count stars with. The Moto L7 is TOTALLY dead when there is no free messaging to "simply boo" people or "dinner @ 8?" pals. The dark temptation is just not on my mind without its "TM owners" around. The "who's paying my bill?" is so outdated now. The "blah blah blah" mummy talks stay only over calls. Bully the baby with the dignified. and ya...

...The real guava juice is just not tasty when its free and when there's none to fight fo…

June 12th, 2007

Wonder why i chose this day to start blogging.

I have 4 days left to start my first job at Google. I woke with my mom yelling for me to start packing to leave. As i got out of bed I began thinking of how i got the job.....

"I remember attending the company's presentation just to bunk accountancy classes and to escape from my class teacher. I was late and missed the presentation but was on time for the first round of tests of selection. It was an easy round where i was asked to correct a few mistakes in a paragraph. Sitting in a group of 60 with many friends scattered in the room i completed the paper first and walked out of the class with an air of pride. (Wonder why i do that always)"

With the toothbrush stuck in my mouth I heard my mom call me again for breakfast. Finished my job as fast as i could and sat at the table. As bread was served I gobbled all i could and left the table to switch on my phone. As it switched on I started thinking again....

"With no interest i…