14 November, 2011

'Say it out loud and feel better' day!

I miss Google. SOO much.

I've become so lazy in the past one year.

I'm still scared to drive a car.

I'm beginning to like sarees.

Shopping has become my new found love.

Tirupur is extremely polluted. I wish I could move.

I miss non-vegetarian food a lot. I hate it that there's nothing I can do about it.

I hate it that I use just one pair of footwear.

I love sleeping in the afternoons on Sundays.

Remo and Chitti make me sneeze.

My ceiling fan is partial to Padhu. Padhu is extremely partial to me.

I have a full cupboard to clean and sort which I won't.

I hate wearing duppattas.

That's it. I'm done saying it all.

FINE. I hate it that everyone I talk to these days are worried that I'm not pregnant yet. WHY, why why on earth is my uterus their business. The next lady who walks up to me asking which temple I go to to pray so that I can bear a child will have a reddish imprint of my palm on her face and the next man who talks about which doctor I'm seeing to get my uterus working will have to watch out for his nuts! So BACK OFF.

There! I said it out loud.

P.S : If you are reading this, just contact me any day to tell me if you have any other ideas to keep this people shut, or dead. Thank you.

I'm a much better person. Its just the heat of the situation making me type so furiously. I promise you will read something better next time!

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