02 May, 2009

Wake me up.

It's already been a year?! I still remember how I almost cried watching the finals last year. Oh ya. Its about IPL. Non interested? Well.. I'm like that now. My face looks so troubled now. I'm actually worried I'm not following the biggest international business deals. ;) I cried after the finals last year. I was mad, I was leaving work early to watch the matches. I was feeling bad I missed 2 matches cause I was shifting homes, sorry HOUSES.

This time all I know is SRK has done a remix version of Korbo Lorbo and Shilpa has danced for her Halla bol. How much have I been sleeping. I heard that it was to be held in South Africa and then I dozed off to wake up and hear Jay shout at Venugopal when Deccan Chargers lost to the Daredevils.

I was so jealous of Padhu & Co when they caught the closing ceremony of the IPL last year in Mumbai. I was also saving up to watch it if it happened in India. then that went to hell, so I guess I decided not to be bothered and slept.

Today I caught a match at KFC with a friend and a bucket :D Rajasthan and Deccan. We were both meeting to make each other feel better about how the rest of our friends were either in Bangalore or Mumbai or Goa! We were faithfully following the league and this time we both ended up with oily chicken and unknown knowledge about the league. We decided we would just cheer for every boundary and at the end just scream for whoever wins. RR were batting so they got all our claps and cheers.

We were through with our first plate of hot wings, then we went for the bucket and then we with our sundaes when RR won. We screamed (the most fake cheer that went 'WOO HOO') Almost every face looked.. no stared at us. Then we realised... OOOHHHH, we're in Hyderabad. We had to support Deccan. Looking like imps, we walked out of KFC laughing out loud.

Someone lemme know when the finals are please!

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