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I would run if I were asked to have a conversation with someone about my religious views. I would run, really. I've had them before, they didn't taste good. They are always controversial, and they freak me out.

I think I'm agnostic. I believe in destiny. Things don't necessarily happen for a reason. Every second is born. Nothing is planned. I believe there is something that started somewhere and doesn't know where to stop. That's the something that started mankind and mankind has gone on and on. That's the something that starts the wind out of no where. And this something can get pissed when it wants to. Maybe that's what's controlling everything.

I pray. When I pray I say - If I fail this exam, dad should not be at home when the report card reaches home. And mostly, it never works. I pray saying 'I should have the will power not to spend this money, so I can buy my brother something when I go home'. My prayer totally depends on me - I undo …

EIGHT - 8 - in & around

No fever or cold can stop me from replying to Hamsi's comments or posts. This one's for you Hamsi!

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch:
1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) Sex & The City
4) Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations
5) Kylie Kwong - Simply Magic (Except she calls it something else now!)
6) Dinner time losers drama - Splitsvilla/Roadies
7) Beach Getaways - Travel & Living
8) Anything Cooking Anywhere!

8 Places to eat and dine:

1) Sangeetha, Chennai
2) Anganan Kadai, Coimbatore
3) Aromas Of China, Hyderabad
4) Mainland China, Chennai
5) Gallopin Gooseberries, Chennai
6) Little Italy, Chennai
7) Wanton, Chennai
8) Chinese Room, Hyderabad

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) Any phone call from a long lost friend..
2) Getting married and settling in my very own house
3) Starting a play-school with no text book syllabus
4) Opening a KFC/MC Donalds franchisee in Tirupur (sigh)
5) My brother's wedding - (i dunno why!)
6) A get together with all my Chennai friends with their sp…

potted daisies | cartoon strips | retirement | life

These characters made me laugh everyday. My mornings always started with them.

After I retired I took an oath. An oath to never oversleep. When I was working I always woke at 6am, had bath, plucked flowers from my garden and arranged them for the idols in the pooja room, prayed and then sit for breakfast and leave to work. My oath was to wake at 7am and do all of the above and not go to work. The first day after retirement was bliss. I was happy after the farewell they gave me in my office.

I was staring at the morning paper and smiling as I read through the cartoon section. These characters made me laugh everyday. My mornings always started with them. With little time every morning before leaving to work, I never paid much attention to these comic strips. Now I sit down with the paper after breakfast and read through them. Sometimes in the evenings when there is nothing to watch on TV, I read through them again and smile. Some of these comic strips make me laugh.

I was getting used t…

One night after work..

I was done with my pile for a day. It was 10pm already and I knocked on the Chopra's door with great difficulty. I was carrying 111 pieces of clothing. As usual, they grandson Bunty opened the door and yelled, 'Dhobi hai.' Mrs.Chopra came to the door to collect the clothes. She counted them all and paid me 300 rupees. I searched for change and managed only 20 rupees. She told me to keep the change.

As I turned to leave, she called out for me. She went inside the house and for a while I could not see what she was doing. I wasn't allowed to enter anyone's house. My job was to collect clothes outside the door and return the same ironed there itself. The Chopras had been living here for over 12 years. They moved here when Mr.Chopra got the senior manager post with the electricity board. He had worked in Chennai before he shifted here. He retired about a year back. Mrs.Chopra came back with a few bags and gave them to me. She said they were used by her grandchildren in …

mixed feelings

I woke up this morning thinking my countdown does not start with 5 anymore. 49 days left in hyderabad.

I have never cursed life or what it have given me. I believe in destiny. Wherever my life has taken me, I've packed my bags and reached there. Destiny's plans for me have been solid and have made life easy for me. I have had no troubles settling in a new place, I have no troubles making new friends. I sat near 25 unknown children when I joined my first boarding school in Ooty - Nazareth and I was pretty happy. I cried to see my parents go back home without me and that's the only time I've cried because I was scared. After that every hostel, every boarding school has been my home. My very home with my own little happy, chirpy family. From my own little tooth brush holder to my very cot to lie on. Home was summer holidays and winter holidays. I grew up with similar minds and minds of the same age.

My family has been extremely supportive of everything I do.. even now. Th…

hmmm... 50 days left

50 Hyderabadi days left..