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Moments when you lose the will to live...

When you are in a VC where you do not understand a thing and you feel like a loser to not contribute anything.

Noo CC!

I Killed My Expenses!

Pull yourself Up!

Padmashree Aishwarya Rai Bachan - You agree?

Well, I do. I've hated her always, infact I don't know any girl who doesn't. I remember once a well wisher of mine had written a book and in that book he had a picture of his near a picture of Aishwarya Rai Bachan and he added "I get to be near her only here!"

I don't really remember why I started hating her. Her 'Meenakshi' character in Kandukonden Kandukonden was really good and she did a very good job. The stubborn, adamant girl with a heart of her own and a world of her own. She played the character really well. So was her double role in Iruvar. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (though when I see it now is annoying) was a good one too. Initially, I remember now - I did like her. Somehow her interviews are so bad she pisses people off. She is not so down-to-earth as she portrays herself. Becoming the Bachan Bahu has added to the woman's air.

Somehow when the announcement for the Padmashri was on TV, I was not so surprised about she getting it. Yes, it do…

I laugh at people when I find something funny.

There are a few people who do so much to get other people's attentions, a few others who don't try much, a few more others who just don't try at all but still do, a few others who don't try so they will get the attention, but the few who just be themselves and get the funny side of others are the best! One such case on the Begumpet flyover on Saturday when Jeanette and I went shopping.

We had just laughed at a woman who was trying to save her boyfriend/brother/the guy on the bike with her's hair from flying into her mouth. Just after that we saw this guy who had hearts drawn on his helmet with various color glitter pens. I HAD to take a picture cause I wanted to put it up here.

P.S : Helmet guy : If you are reading, sorry!

What The Eff - 3!

Living practically 13 hours a day in office - I successfully used the word 'Bastard' for the first time in my life. It so happened that it came very casually and that made me feel all the more worse!! Urgh!

Why should other people's language influence the way you speak?! - It's like a passive smoker become an active smoker! And of all the people Naveen had to hear it - What the Eff!

A beautiful movie!

Working for Google has its benefits – number one the food, number two the transport, number three the lovely people with you who will have all kinds of movies with them that they can pass on. One of those movies that I borrowed from a friend is the ‘The World’s Fastest Indian.’

I find it really difficult to fall asleep before 11pm these days so I decided to put myself to sleep with this movie. The story is not complicated, does not have flying men, does not have men armed with forces that can destroy the universe and its evil powers – btw these kinda movies are not my type. The movie is about this very determined old man who wants to break his own land record on his hand built motorbike – The Indian. He lives in New Zealand and wants to break his record in America (where he has never been before.) The basic encouragement and warmth he receives from people of his little town and Thomas – the little boy next door is heart breaking. (To be honest I cried when I watched him leave to Amer…

What's the big deal with Slumdog Millionaire?

I watched Slumdog Millionaire (downloaded version) even before I could release in theaters and before it could win those awards. For a movie made with a game show in mind, one should remember that ALL the questions cannot be related to Jamal's life. Yes, there were exactly 3 that were depicted in a way that he didn't know but you gave him 3 lifelines!! (I hate the word slumdog by the way!)

I also don't understand why a kid who has lost his only parent, who has no means of income, no other relation but his brother who is equally empty, who does not know what to do for a living, who has runaway from a gunda, who has just escaped getting his eyes scooped out HASSS to come back to look for a girl who he barely spent 3 days with. DO NOT TELL ME HE LUUUVESS HER. If you were in that situation BELIEVE ME you won't even bother about your own brother let alone the girl who came running behind. Fine, he wants to be with her soooo much. FINE. Get it.


Greed at a cost!

I have always had cravings for more... well... who doesn't?! When I was in Class Two - I always wanted an extra piece of birthday cake at every party though we were taught that its manners to take one and say Thank you. But when your friend has loads left and she says "Pragi, take one more" I would!! Hehe! When I was in college, my dad gave me limited allowance - as pocket money and as college fund. Meaning I would get an allowance of 5000 bucks for my food bills in hostel, cultural bills in college and auto and other stuff. Some days my dad would put in 10000 bucks to transfer to another account or for 2 months together - I always wanted to withdraw a little more for a little luxury that month.. and I Would!! These are these tiny little cravings of mine which I have felt happy about.

I have a few.. actually a lot more... cravings for luxuries... Attainable but at a cost! I've always wanted to do some things which I know are out of affordable areas. Here goes a list …

Black Gray White

Has there been a question where you might want another option other than YES and NO? That's what my dad calls the gray area. "Either gimme a black or white - I don't want to hear any grays."

What The Eff-2!!

With a recuperating fever, cough and cold I've been sleeping very night on 250mg medication and a spoonful of Benadryl (or what you might call the sleeping medicine.) Its very difficult to wake every morning to take the cab to office so I usually take the share auto to office. Its a pain to change autos at 2 diff stops but I get my PROPER sleep and the day goes well!

This morning I got into this auto where 2 very old ladies were sitting. They were to get off at Madhapur and I noticed one of them had the eye patch on. Also, the other was holding a set of hospital files. When we reached Madhapur the auto guy did not stop where he was asked to and he kept driving till one of the ladies nudged him with the files. He stopped the auto about half a kilometer. The ladies were OBVIOUSLY bugged with him cause now they had to walk back and IT IS TOUGH TO WALK WHEN YOU ARE SO OLD AND WITH A GOD DAMN EYE PATCH! The auto guy did not say sorry nor did he speak to them properly. He yelled at the …

What The Eff -1!!

I have been cribbing about many things but I never put it here cause it gives my blog a negative effect! I decided I WILL from now. So copied from MTV is What The Eff!!


WTF 1 - The service person fills the tray with about 10 plums this morning. A woman from the floor walks by and takes away 9 of them, leaving one that was a little spoiled! Seriosly - What The Eff!!


Its 2009 already!! Ha! And I'm done with my exams! So relieved.

My new year did not start off like it always does. It's usually Lakshmi/Naagu/Hari/Padhu/Naveen and all the other in no particular order. But this time at exactly 12.00 am my phone was not ringing. It was a surprise that most of the above mentioned people did not even call. Padhu wished me 2 minutes before 12 and I apparently replied 'Happy Birthday 2009' in my sleep. I spoke Hari and Naveen who were having fun in their own places.

I sent out a whole load of messages from my phone and the replies kept flowing in! The weird thing about this new year was that the closest of people didn't call except Padhu, Naveen and Hari. The most unexpected people called at midnight and somehow it didn't feel like new years. Ya obviously, I was studying for an exam, I was half asleep on my cot, and I was not even bothered.

I called all those idiots who always call but never called this time. I treated myself with pa…