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What's the big deal with Slumdog Millionaire?

I watched Slumdog Millionaire (downloaded version) even before I could release in theaters and before it could win those awards. For a movie made with a game show in mind, one should remember that ALL the questions cannot be related to Jamal's life. Yes, there were exactly 3 that were depicted in a way that he didn't know but you gave him 3 lifelines!! (I hate the word slumdog by the way!)

I also don't understand why a kid who has lost his only parent, who has no means of income, no other relation but his brother who is equally empty, who does not know what to do for a living, who has runaway from a gunda, who has just escaped getting his eyes scooped out HASSS to come back to look for a girl who he barely spent 3 days with. DO NOT TELL ME HE LUUUVESS HER. If you were in that situation BELIEVE ME you won't even bother about your own brother let alone the girl who came running behind. Fine, he wants to be with her soooo much. FINE. Get it.