13 August, 2008

The new sensation in my life...

This is the new sensation in my life!

What?! A ship sinking? War? Destruction!? NOO - Battleship!

The sexiest game to make you feel how lucky you are...

There are no strategies in this game and this game is pure sheer luck!

I remember playing this game for the first time in Nazareth. Every Sunday we took turns to says HIT, MISS! I looovve this game!

For a long time now I hadn't played this game till I discovered it on Skype! Naveen and I started playing this game and I felt like a winner even though he is far off in China and me in India. Same with Hari in Mumbai, Chellam in B'lore!!

This game makes me feel like I'm queen of the world! (Only wish you earnt money with every game u win!) I would have all theirs! hehe! (U guys are the best!)

I luuvvveee Battleship!

Back to the grind

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