05 May, 2009

Accused Ever?

Yesterday was like a 'I ate a bitter fruit' day. A good friend accused me of condemning her religious ways and methods. Yes. Phew! To hear it from her was soooo very uncomfortable and to even continue the conversation and make things clear was worse.

Having lived with people from different castes and religions for over 17 years now, I know the perfect amount of religious talk one can have with another. But I would not do that either. I would never start a religious topic, I might continue someone else s.

The maximum I have contributed to someone's religious talk is when I asked my friend Cynthia how a mariamman festival in her place works. And that was a looonnng night.

From this incident, I learned one thing. However comfortable you are with someone, just don't give them the slightest clue that you are not in favor of some things they do. And stop making practical jokes on them, they will never appreciate them, or if they feel bad - there is no way you will come out good even if you know you weren't wrong.

ok now ditch it, its just another bullshit day.

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