17 November, 2009

Why physical violence is not the answer...

I have a lot of friends who manage their own businesses back home. Today I happened to talk to one of them and he told me of this certain incident where he slapped an employee for having used his work hours for a personal errand. The damage from his misbehavior was minimal but he was asked to leave the office premises forever. He then came back and asked for his job and apologized. My friend gave him his job.

With that amount of temper, I could have written 15 posts on this blog, cooked a yummy lunch for myself, or even cleaned my house. I was thinking about this incident over and over. I called him back and asked him if he forgave himself for slapping the employee. He replied with a no. I asked him why not. He said it was the guys fault and he just did what he had to do.

I was then thinking of how the guy came back for his job with humility. I then thought about why anger should never go with authority.

I don't know if he was wrong - but he definitely wasn't right.

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