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I've turned 31! And February is almost gone.. just tomorrow left. Well, so far 2018 has been fabulous! Packed, busy, satisfying. We've had our first guests in the home and it was amazing! Germans trying idly dipped in sambar with a fork is so satisfying to watch when you've cooked breakfast on a school morning. Ever since we've moved in, I've tried to be an organised minimalist to an extent. It's been about 1.5 years of trying hard and decluttering.. it's still an on going phase but the satisfaction derived thereby has been immense. A feeling of contentment like no other. For 7 years I had cooked for 10 people in one house and I had no idea how to reduce the dish amounts to just 3 of us when we moved here. Shopping for grocery looked so little.. so I opted for farmers markets. What a difference! All I need is a cloth bag and Rs.80 every week. This includes all my greens and veggies. I had started off with the Marie Konmari method but later I was inspired by…