04 February, 2009

How painful a 'NO' from an unknown person can be!

I somehow choose my team meetings to blog. That's when all my thoughts keep coming on the black frame under my sleepy eyes.

Two days back I was at the US consulate building for my interview. My family is traveling to the US in July for a Lions Club conference. My dad had been going through the forms and documents for over a month. It so happened that I went home 2 days before this interview day. My dad would open these papers and cross check with the checklist form the travel agent every night. I was also asked to bring my bank documents which i didn't want my parents to see. So many papers and soooo much tension. I always thought what the deal was. But it is!

My brother is completing his 12th std this year and we were all doubtful whether his would get through. Mine was not a problem as I had a letter from my company and I was pretty confident.

When we were in the line my mother and I saw a girl weeping outside the building. Probably a rejection... It was really sad to see her. Every application costs Rs 8,000. People who cannot afford it cannot keep applying!

It was sad as we went in I saw more sad faces. Our application went smooth and we were all granted visas. When we were in the line we could see that everyone before the line were with just one reaction. People after the line were of two emotions - sad and Extremely happy! I saw an equal amount of both. But as I came out I felt sad about the fact that not everyone gets what they want...and its not like they get their money back. Its sad!

Its very sad to have someone say a NO, specially someone you don't know and yet they have all the power to say a NO!

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