20 November, 2008

Am I approachable?

I took this quiz on www.blogthings.com and this was my result :

"You can talk to anyone, and it shows. People are eager to start conversations with you. You are open and friendly. You are willing to connect with almost anyone.

While it's great to be approachable, there is such a thing as too approachable.
Eventually someone will try to take advantage of you. Don't be afraid to say no or end an awkward conversation. "

Pornogrpahy in India

@ lunch once one of my colleagues asked me this question, "Do you think porn should be made legal in India?" Immediately my mind got a million images of protests, students, policemen, rich kids, Shiv Sena, women etc. I don't know if I was imagining all this for a Yes, it should be allowed.. or for a No, shouldn't. I was not sure what my opinion was. One of the others at the table said Yes. My thoughts were more on what would happen if it was allowed legally. I was imagining children who would lose fright and kill their guilt and access porn sites. I was still not sure what I was thinking about.

The one who said yes spoke up. He said "People anyway view porn sites and access every single thing on the web. There's youtube which vividly gives u videos with very very minute censoring. There are sites that you can open and just download videos. There are movies in Indian theaters you can go to to get the paid version. What's the issue having it legally online?" I was not sure if I agreed, not sure if I disagreed either.

I was sure of one thing - if it was legal, people in India would go berserk. People would make it a profession here in India (like it already isn't) The entertainment industry would see charts rise high. Students would be widely affected.

I researched on this when I went back home and came across this site. www.no-porn.com - A site that helps people who are addicted to porn recover. On further research I saw a survey they had published.

Over 50% of people has said Yes to Daily viewing of porn. I was shocked! And over 45% of these people were from the ages 11-15. Which is maybe classed 5,6,7,8 and 9. I was stunned. I learned how to email at this age. Things in my mind were working fast. Children with emotional breakdowns, bad childhood, irresponsible parents, bad company, children who do things for the thrill of it. But the only word that kept repeating itself was CHILDREN!

How, how HOW is it even possible that I would say yes to a question like that now? I would never have a positive opinion about making porn legal. Never. I hate the fact that prostitution is legal in Mumbai. Women who cannot afford basic necessities fall into this profession and most of them never get out. Lives ruined, families lost, self-respect reported dead.

And to call it a profession - makes me wonder why criminals are not titled any profession.

20 questions!

Read this 20 questions on a magazine and Here are my answers!


Favorite color : Blue

Favorite actor : Kamal Hassan

Favorite food : Stuffed Crab from Mainland China

Favorite hangout : Barista near college

Embarrassing stuff!

Ever been caught cheating in exams? : Yes, in twelfth grade. I was not allowed to write 2 exams that followed. :D

Ever peed in a pool?
: Yes.

Danced in a bathroom?
: Duh! Ya!

Ever lied to your mom about who you were on the phone with? : Hehe! YES!

Are you honest? : With these answers - Yes!


Name one guy you thought was cute @ work
: Beep. None.

When was the last time you made fun of your manager and he walked by?
: Yesterday.

What's the worst thing @ work?
: The Pay!

What's the best thing @ work? : hmm.. flexibility and food.

When you are with Friends!

Who's the one person you've always wanted to be with but just couldn't? : Tom Cruise

What is the word used most often by your best friend?
: Goose

Who among your friends knows you the most? : Dori

How many times have you fought with your best friend and gotten back together?
: No count

Do your friends respect your time @ work and with family?
: No one cares. we're all not together anyways.

What is the on thing all your friends come to you in common for?
: Emotional outlet! (and also, projects, assignments, resumes etc!)

For the future!

If you have a son, what would you name him? - Rishi/Krish

If you have a daughter, what would you name her?
- Nethirya/Adhwaitha

What is the one thing you always dream about when you think of your future husband? - Playing scrabble :D

What kinda mother in law would you want? - Someone who does not insist on changing my behavior and customs. Someone who lets me be me. Someone who lets go of the son to HIS family after I'm in.

What kinda mother in law would you wanna be? - ditto!

What color bedsheets would you get for your bedroom? - Blue/Green

What is the one thing you would change after your wedding? - My surname :D

Do you think a girl should work after she gets married? - Its her choice

Women? - A gender

- ditto!

Women > Men : True or False? - False

Women = Men : True or False? - True

Do you think your future husband will take as much as care as your father took of you? - No

Would you consider your in laws = your parents? - Eh!? No

How many kids do you wanna have? - 3

Do you wanna have twins? - No

Triplets? - NO!

What is the one attribute in you that reminds you so much of your mother? - Selflessness/Patience

Will you have an arranged or love marriage? - Love marriage

How were the questions above? - 7/10!

Gmail Themes!

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