25 December, 2010

Kick n up!

All I needed was one conversation.. and then came another.. to bring me back on my blog. For months I've been sitting at home doing nothing about me doing nothing.

Well, now I'm here. My previous post was about deciding on my new year resolutions - of course I'll be done deciding by New years eve. But somehow I thought it would be good for once to give up something till New Years. Last week Padhu made a very bold comment (which he shouldn't have). When I told him I was very bored - he said 'maybe you should get off your butt and not look at Facebook for a while.' YESS, I was angry and gulty.

So 'starting tomorrow' I will not log in to Facebook. Which also means -no using Padhu's Blackberry to update 'Happy New Year' status on Dec 31st. Which again includes no checking my Gmail notifications for FB posts. See what I've given up for this holiday season. Of course I' not going to get anything in return but I just wanted to put myself to the test. We are so handicapped without our devices.

I fished through a box of my stuff from boarding school.I went through a box full of letters she wrote to her parents from when she was in boarding school. Bad hand writings, repeated questions week on week, miserable spellings and the looong waits for that one weekend at home. Sigh, wish we could all just go back in time and grow up again! But where are we now? Letters to emails, post-its to text messages, long bank statements to short i-statements and the worst of all - photo albums to picasa links. Yes, its all very very easy now. But I love the evenings where i could sit with my mum and laugh off memories in photo albums than like now - have her ask me everytime she needed to see something on my laptop. sigh.

I still have my post-its, I use them. Post - its are small colorful bits of happiness after they are used! I recently left one for Padhu saying 'Going for bath' and when I came out i saw a post-it saying 'waiting for you'. I smiled and decided to keep the little piece of paper happiness cause who knows when we decide to write again!

So friends, Romans (if any reading), countrymen - Also, my family and the loved ones - expect letters from me! Oh yeah and also our holiday card! :D

Kids, Santa does exist. Santa comes in the form of a phonecall (like Saranya this morning), in the form of a long Gtalk conversation (like Aarti Ramanathan last week), in the form of a text message (like Shilpa & Kp any day), in the form of a hug after a long time (like Jay, Guni, Rahul & Mehak), and the best form could be as small as a post-it that says 'waiting for you'!

Merry Christmas People! Hope your 2010 was just as brilliant as mine! Wishing 2011 be much better and in Barney's style 'Legen.. wait for it. Dary!'

16 December, 2010

December 16 - its today.

The subject would have got you wondering what is today. Well, its just another day but somehow this morning I woke up and decided to decide on my new year resolution and agenda today.

Psst psst - Never wake up with this thought.

Well, as I brushed I peeped into my bedroom oops, sorry - our bedroom and saw Chin sleeping.

Psst psst - I call Padhu Chin.

Then I wondered, last year by now what was I doing? I remember being very clear about my 2010 resolutions. I remember posting it here and I remember Pradeep Subramaniam being very proud of that post. Right now with the blog rate I'm going, Pradeep Subramaniam wont talk to me in the next wedding he sees me in.

Psst psst - Weddings are where I meet people these days. Itsoften - so I enjoy!

Well, last year by now - I was engaged. I had given my one month notice to my company. But I had late wake up hours.

I have a looottt of time for myself since I'm not working anymore. So here goes. My agenda for 2011. (two oh one one!)


See, I told you not to wake up with this thought. Now jump to the one above and read. ;)

08 December, 2010


Hello Anonymous,

'Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Selflessness..":

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Posted by Anonymous to Hidden thoughts on a white board... at December 8, 2010 5:22 AM '

Well Anonymous, if you really meant it. Please do get in touch with me over email. Its on my profile info and also at the end of this post. I could kill for a job in writing - would be great if it were online too! :D

For other readers - sorry - I'm at home and desperate for a job that I can do from here!

And I promise to come back to my blog soon after i attend all those best friends weddings!

pragiv@gmail.com | +9177089 55888

THANK GOD there is no option at the end of this post with a buttong that says DESPERATE.

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