13 January, 2009

What The Eff-2!!

With a recuperating fever, cough and cold I've been sleeping very night on 250mg medication and a spoonful of Benadryl (or what you might call the sleeping medicine.) Its very difficult to wake every morning to take the cab to office so I usually take the share auto to office. Its a pain to change autos at 2 diff stops but I get my PROPER sleep and the day goes well!

This morning I got into this auto where 2 very old ladies were sitting. They were to get off at Madhapur and I noticed one of them had the eye patch on. Also, the other was holding a set of hospital files. When we reached Madhapur the auto guy did not stop where he was asked to and he kept driving till one of the ladies nudged him with the files. He stopped the auto about half a kilometer. The ladies were OBVIOUSLY bugged with him cause now they had to walk back and IT IS TOUGH TO WALK WHEN YOU ARE SO OLD AND WITH A GOD DAMN EYE PATCH! The auto guy did not say sorry nor did he speak to them properly. He yelled at the women when they asked him why he didn't stop and then the guy did the most horrible thing - lifted his hand to hit one of the ladies.

I got off the auto and said "That's it you bastard. What audacity you have to hit a woman." The scene was totally dramatic in the Madhapur junction and I was holding the guy's hand up and the women abused him in GOD KNOWS WHAT LANGUAGE. The traffic police came up and helped the women get into another auto to take them to where they wanted to go. The auto waala now got back into the auto and dropped me in front of office. I gave him the money and somehow I knew I was not done with this guy. I held the auto's steering or whatever and gave him gyaan in Hindi! (I was good at it!)

"Aapki maa hothi tho aap aisey karogey kaya?! Sharam nahin hai?" The guy looked sad for a minute and said "Madam, paisey ke liyey madam." I gave him another 5 bucks and said "Ley Paisey. Ab chalo maafi maango." He said "Sorry madam." I gave him the dirtiest look ever and walked away!

What's with people who cannot be nice towards others? Don't make the extra effort - just have some manners for god's sake!

Be it men or women - basic manners!

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