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Knitting hearts together...

This my friend, is a true story. Where, what, how - I'll tell you. The hero here (and always) is my father. No heroine, no villain. Just a boy who was small and then grew. To read on I'm gonna make it sound like a story. My dad will be called Velu (sans Swamy) and the boy will be called Karthick. It goes like this...

Velu is sipping his tea at the New Year Celebrations. In his hand he is holding a paper that has a printed version of his speech. Velu is the present Governor of the around 26 clubs in the district. The celebration is for all those 26 clubs. Velu's logo for his governing year is of two people hugging - the logo is made to look like a single heart, beautifully divided to make it look like two people. His slogan for the year is 'Knitting Hearts Together'. He took charge in June 2009 and ever since has been on his toes with a lot of work.

Minutes to go for his speech, Velu walks to the dais and joins the gathering once again. There is a loud applause for…

Beautiful Bhutta :D

Bhutta -yayy, yum! :)

My co-sister Suganya is very health conscious. She likes her dosais made of wheat, corn, ragi etc. She is one healthy person I'd say! She introduced into the home the 'Corn Dosai'. Basically Bhutta Dosai. A thick batter made from ground corn kernels, chillies, salt, and some other spices. Its a yellow dosa - urgh, agreed. But yumm is not the word! I can have 3 of these dosas whereas only 2 rice dosas.

Bhutta makes me think of those weekend mornings in Besant Nagar and Marina beaches. Long walks with Bhutta after our breakfasts at Murugan Idly Kadai :)

Sunday Sans Padhu

When one is at home doing nothing specific - there is no difference between a weekday and a weekend. Padhu is out inviting people for our best friend's wedding. Padhu kinda figured ow bored I'd be and brought home something last night to make my day better!

Well, the books and magazine - good, Ok. The chocolate bar - wicked, he won my smile with that one!

Married Mailboxes

Now our mailboxes are married too. Thank God Citibank loves me still.

United colors of India! :)

I miss Republic day celebrations. The march pasts practices, awards, the one chocolate given and shared, the half-day happiness, the goosebumps one gets while saluting the flag.. I miss those student days! Last year I saluted the flag with my little cousins in their school. This year I didn't! This morning or maid walked in with vegetables and look what me smile!

Ask me to wear those uniforms again and do the march past practices again - I would say 'hell,yeah!'

BELATED Republic Day wishes everyone!

Reaching out..

Random click of one of those plants from my tiny garden :) (Not much to click around here)

picture broke

I realised there is nothing much to click in and around the house - so I went hunting for stuff to take pictures of. Well, I ended up with just this. I'm compensating for the past three days with the few below :)

Bros for life!

Remo and Chitti - my pets! Chitti was born on Nov 6,2010. Remo March 24,2009. Love them to bits!

Prajaktha flowers..

These flowers are called 'pavazha malli'. In Sanskrit 'Prajaktha' which means fragrant flower. Ever since I was a little girl I've had these trees in my garden. All you need is to get a grafted branch form someone who already has the tree and in 4 months - you have soooo many flowers! My aunt's tree is my tree's momma. These flowers have an orange stalk and 5 white petals and a beautiful fragrance. They are very very delicate. They bloom overnight and by morning they fall to the ground waiting to be picked up (very carefully). My mom somehow managed to make looooong garlands of these flowers to give to the Hanuman temple she used to go to.

Brother bear cuddles

Brother bear comes home for Pongal - and i bake him yummy chocolate chip cookies for a bear hug!

baby's benz!

A friend of ours gifted Eniya this stroller - we had already bought the 'child on board' clip-on for the car. We found it from our Singapore shopping bags and put it on her Benz (like my father in law calls it!)

Pongal is where I've been :)

All Padhu wanted to do during Pongal was make sure he was in front of the camera! 3/4ths a white tee and of course the pic explains it all...

Pongal 2011! - the first day is Pongal - The harvest festival.

The second day is Mattu Pongal - where we celebrate and pray for the welfare of our cows. The Ko-maatha logic!

baby cuddles

That's my mum and my brother in law's daughter. No name yet for this bundle of joy - I personally think she is an Eniya! Mum is sooo great with babies and kids (look how i turned out to be ;)) Babies love my mum's baby talk and instantly connect. This is one such moment!

Chilli - Milaga

My official duty every morning is to pluck flowers and decorate the puja room - blah - i know. Well, today I found a bunch of chillis in the single chilli plant in our tiny garden. Clicked it!

8 and 9 January :)

Yesterday we had a 'bring home baby' pooja for my brother in law's girl baby. they still don't have a name for her. There was so much shopping to be done - So I didn't post any pictures. Well here they are though.

Amazingly, Padhu had no work this Sunday. More amazing - he wanted to shop. Unimaginable - He wanted to shop in Coimbatore. Well, so off we went to CBE - or the closest civilization can get. We stopped for lunch at 'That's y food'. I didn't carry my camera along, so I had to take these pictures on my phone. I've given them the Sepia tone so that they look not so 'phone-taken'.

We had been given a big glass vase as a wedding gift and it has been lying empty ever since. Let me warn you - husbands will throw in any bits and pieces of paper from their pockets at the end of day if there is an empty vase lying around like this. I finally found some decent artificial flowers in Westside, Coimbatore (that's right - now we have a We…

my husband's mistress

Well, they say 'if you become friends with your husband's mistress, your life goes your way and so does you husbands!'. Actually - no one says that. Its just something I made up now! Well, Ranjith is somehow my husband's mistress. There's soooo much lou, it makes me wanna kill him most of the time! But he's so sweet - he likes my cakes though they are disastrous :)

This is the two of them posing while I fidgeted with the cam :)

Cookie cravings :)

For over a month Padhu has been using the words 'chocolate chip'. One of his garment orders is called Chocolate chip - so whenver he says it I keep wondering how those cookies untouched by me in Subway are doing. Soooo much craving! pah. Well, finally Padhu bought me these cookies from cafe day - though they aren't as good as the ones in Subway - I love them!

Its OK the first time!

My first attempt at eggless baking. I would rate myself 55/100. My father in law happily devoured 5 huge pieces and so did my brother! So I didn't throw any out!

Starting with a smile!

Well, I woke up January 1 to this! It took Padhu a minutes to register the typo but when he did, we laughed for almost 5 minutes! I loved it that we started our first day laughing so much! Happy New Year folks!

From Jeans to Pattu!

Yes, another blog! Well, since I have had a transformation I thought I'd name it that!

From Jeans to Pattu! which means from Jeans to Silk. Silk! I know its a pretty expensive transformation I'm talking about. yes, it cost me a lot. It cost me a job and a wardrobe (which is obvious!) The transformation is difficult to learn and not comfortable at all but from the looks of it - I'm close to expertise!

Well, apart from my other blog - this one is an inspiration from Nagalakshmi. A picture a day :) I hope I stick to this one. I really do!