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I'm alive! Twice actually :)

I took so long to write this post, even Blogger changed! I'm not lazy. I promise. I'm just anything but lazy.
Its been exactly 4 months since my last post... I'm guilty now!

Well, the past few months have been a real journey.. with the pregnancy and the attention I was getting, I was bound to lose myself and forget anything else that was important to me. The past 8 months have been consuming - mentally and physically. I look like one of those actresses who just stuff their tummies with a pillow and pronounce themselves pregnant. I haven't gained weight anywhere else but my tummy and my family is complaining. What can I do? Like mother, like daughter.

Being in India Padhu and I don't know the sex of the baby yet. Do we want to? No. All the shopping for the baby is done in yellow and green though my mother favored nothing but blue. What is it with these elders and  their love for boys? I know no one from my family is going to read this so I'm gonna say it out lo…