30 June, 2009

Treasure Chest

I read Raghav's note on his packing & shifting and all those memorable things he found and I realized how many times this has happened - so decided to list it down as well.

Out of the many things I learned form amma, one was to open out something and arrange it again when I have absolutely nothing to do. This is the case when am at home, in Hyd, when I was in Chennai, when I was in SJN, when I was in T.E.A and sometimes at work too!

Last week I brought down the entire cupboard cause I was absolutely bored and also broke. Clothes went through a transition on re-ironing and arranging and re-arranging. Cosmetics in height order and other papers in files. Once I was done with all this.. there were a few things lying on the floor. Some that did not go to the right department and the rest that are the only ones in theirs. Like my God pictures - I have 2 and the two go to one part of my cupboard. Some tags of clothing that I like to keep cause I spent a lot of money on them and they remind me that I should never do that again. Some bills from restaurants, grocery etc etc. 1 lock whose keys I don't have - or whose keys I have thrown into my piggy bank cause I was lazy to find the lock and marry them.

Among these papers I found a long lost bill. A bill from Wang's kitchen - from lunch with Saranya, Lakshmi, Naveen & me. It was Naveen's first visit to Chennai and we insisted he sign on it. The bill has his signature and his quote "When you are in the dark, be a bat and fly." It made no sense to me when he wrote it then, but when I saw it there - I was overwhelmed! It was so torn and crushed and old an yet beautiful to hold! It brought back the laughter, the auto rides, the adjusting on Saranya's lap, the long walks in Spencer, the long talks in Barista the 4 of us had. It was just plain laughter and argument that day but now the little piece of paper brought back everything!

I carefully put the paper in one of my files cause I knew it would be safe. Then I started emptying the other contents in the file. There were certificates and post its to many things and flags and what not. I didn't want to mess with them so I stuffed everything back in and carried on with the cleaning. I emptied out my fold able box. LOADS of stuff. LOOOAADSS of stuff.

The first things that caught my eye was a Paramount airways boarding pass. This was the boarding pass from the first time I flew to Hyd to start work with Google. A sudden rush went through my belly and I remembered very bit of that day I left from Coimbatore. Sending me to Google was the hastiest decision my dad ever made. He called all my elder cousins for suggestions and all of them said I shouldn't go and I should probably study. I was hell bent of leaving to Hyderabad and I did. I packed really fast (after 15 years of packing to every possible hostel, i didn't have much trouble) and presented an orderly 2 suitcases. My mom and aunt dropped me at the airport and I kissed them goodbye and checked in. I was holding this very boarding pass and waiting for almost an hour. I did not even know the destination - none in hyd, no idea about the job, nothing at all. Yet I was so excited to leave and I did. When I came to Hyd first, we had the old airport. There was a driver who picked me up from the airport and dropped me at the guest house. I checked in and carefully tucked this boarding pass in one of my suitcases and lay back to just dream a little more. :)

I put it in the file again and ran through more stuff. Now all I wanted to do was find more stuff that would make moments cute.

Now I'm lazy!

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