05 January, 2009


Its 2009 already!! Ha! And I'm done with my exams! So relieved.

My new year did not start off like it always does. It's usually Lakshmi/Naagu/Hari/Padhu/Naveen and all the other in no particular order. But this time at exactly 12.00 am my phone was not ringing. It was a surprise that most of the above mentioned people did not even call. Padhu wished me 2 minutes before 12 and I apparently replied 'Happy Birthday 2009' in my sleep. I spoke Hari and Naveen who were having fun in their own places.

I sent out a whole load of messages from my phone and the replies kept flowing in! The weird thing about this new year was that the closest of people didn't call except Padhu, Naveen and Hari. The most unexpected people called at midnight and somehow it didn't feel like new years. Ya obviously, I was studying for an exam, I was half asleep on my cot, and I was not even bothered.

I called all those idiots who always call but never called this time. I treated myself with pastries worth 500 from Karachi Bakery after my exams. My first day started off with a mobile snatching incident. A guy tried to steal my phone but somehow my hand's grip is good and I escaped from spending another lump sum.

Its been a week now and I hate to say this But I feel great to be back in office! Though it means having to put up with Guni 12*7!! hehe! Alls well! I'm done with exams and back to work! Feels great! :D

This year I'm looking forward to SOOOO many things that will be a BIG turn of events in my life! My sister is getting married, my brother goes to college, I finish 2 years in Google this year, a handful of my friends are getting married this year, my dad becomes governor of his set of clubs, my mom's gonna get a microwave as her birthday gift, I finish my MBA and I'm finally going to Kerala and to the US for a month!!! :D

I'm gonna collect a set of my sister's pictures and make a collage for her as a wedding gift! I'm gonna buy my brother his first phone! I might quit Google but not sure! I'm gonna be Pragathambal MBA! ;) and best of all is the U. S. of AAAA! Hehahaha!

I didn't feel this way about 2008 when it started. I love 2009 already! :D Looking forward to all these to just HAPPEN! :D

Happy New Year if anyone is reading! :D Hi-fi!

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