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Its 2009 already!! Ha! And I'm done with my exams! So relieved.

My new year did not start off like it always does. It's usually Lakshmi/Naagu/Hari/Padhu/Naveen and all the other in no particular order. But this time at exactly 12.00 am my phone was not ringing. It was a surprise that most of the above mentioned people did not even call. Padhu wished me 2 minutes before 12 and I apparently replied 'Happy Birthday 2009' in my sleep. I spoke Hari and Naveen who were having fun in their own places.

I sent out a whole load of messages from my phone and the replies kept flowing in! The weird thing about this new year was that the closest of people didn't call except Padhu, Naveen and Hari. The most unexpected people called at midnight and somehow it didn't feel like new years. Ya obviously, I was studying for an exam, I was half asleep on my cot, and I was not even bothered.

I called all those idiots who always call but never called this time. I treated myself with pa…