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mixed feelings

I woke up this morning thinking my countdown does not start with 5 anymore. 49 days left in hyderabad.

I have never cursed life or what it have given me. I believe in destiny. Wherever my life has taken me, I've packed my bags and reached there. Destiny's plans for me have been solid and have made life easy for me. I have had no troubles settling in a new place, I have no troubles making new friends. I sat near 25 unknown children when I joined my first boarding school in Ooty - Nazareth and I was pretty happy. I cried to see my parents go back home without me and that's the only time I've cried because I was scared. After that every hostel, every boarding school has been my home. My very home with my own little happy, chirpy family. From my own little tooth brush holder to my very cot to lie on. Home was summer holidays and winter holidays. I grew up with similar minds and minds of the same age.

My family has been extremely supportive of everything I do.. even now. Th…