07 January, 2010

mixed feelings

I woke up this morning thinking my countdown does not start with 5 anymore. 49 days left in hyderabad.

I have never cursed life or what it have given me. I believe in destiny. Wherever my life has taken me, I've packed my bags and reached there. Destiny's plans for me have been solid and have made life easy for me. I have had no troubles settling in a new place, I have no troubles making new friends. I sat near 25 unknown children when I joined my first boarding school in Ooty - Nazareth and I was pretty happy. I cried to see my parents go back home without me and that's the only time I've cried because I was scared. After that every hostel, every boarding school has been my home. My very home with my own little happy, chirpy family. From my own little tooth brush holder to my very cot to lie on. Home was summer holidays and winter holidays. I grew up with similar minds and minds of the same age.

My family has been extremely supportive of everything I do.. even now. They allowed me to contest an election in college, they allowed me to organize music concerts with friends in college, they allowed me to back answer a teacher in school (they came to school and stood up for me), they wrote to me every week, they have been there for everything. Its like the mother ship is calling me back home with this wedding coming up. I'm excited, to a great extent. But somehow the thought of leaving this place makes my vision blur.

My dad was dead against me joining Google. He wanted me to do my MBA in a college in around Coimbatore. I then had no mindset to remain within my city limits to study the course. He was adamant and he applied to colleges for me. Many colleges. He received the interview cards and I attended interviews everywhere. I got through to all and I still had no interest.

I sat him down and said I was not prepared to call myself a student within a campus wearing a blazer. He let me go. My mom as always let me go. My brother AS ALWAYS let me go. And that's all I have wanted! They always knew I would come back and they sent me wherever I wanted to go.

Among the many ppl who arrived at Hyd, I was one of them who didn't bring my parents along. I arrived with absolutely no idea about what was ahead of me and started work. It's been 2 years 9 months now and more than fabulous.

So far, my life has been a story of 'in a suitcase, up and down.' Soon, I'm gonna be at home. A new home.

But to leave the present home, it pinches me. I wake and realize its 2010.

Hyd has been a wonderful home.. so far. Friends have been so great. I wish I could pocket everyone and take them home as little people.

Little people who can - switch on my geyser every morning, give me a hug anytime, cook delicious meals with me and hog it with me, fix my mouse/keyboards/laptop anytime, get drunk and come home at 4 for me to open the door, buy me my favorite chocolates wherever they see it, wait for my mum's murukkus whenever I get back from home, talk to me for hours about their favorite food, make instant food plans, waste a lot of money on food just cause WE LOVE IT, log in to check my work for me, call me to tell me what's the lunch menu, message me form the loo, scream at lizards with me, go for shopping sprees with me when I don't buy anything, pick up my dad's calls and say I'm bathing, shout at me for spoiling my brother .. be themselves around me.

My Hyderabad chickas and yeah of course the Fat Boy Clan and the other great men - I'm gonna miss ya all like mad!

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