27 November, 2017

Motherhood test of time - phase 2.

The first day I dropped Gnan is school was phase 1. It's so difficult as it is to wean them from the womb to the World. Then comes the actual weaning. Then when we release them into the world of school. Now to watch them grow so quickly is a big ball of mixed emotions.

Right now I'm going through phase 2 of this. Swimming class. I got G boy enrolled in swimming classes so he would learn early unlike me and at this age it is quite easy.

The first 3 days tested my patience as a mother. To watch someone else train your child to unwrap their fears and face the water was a new world altogether. He kept looking at me to help him out of it and all I was asked to do was ignore. After four days of ignoring, he is now floating and kicking on his kick board. Another 8 days of this and I'm hoping he will swim without support by then.

The things we have to do!

01 November, 2017

Social media and Schools

The monsoons are in and now break period has snacks. Samosas puffs and chips to keep the chats going.. well, we are mum's and hungry ones. With the drizzles coming in we have been munching down our snacks fill the kids finish class. This whole week we've yapped about so much that every might there is something to think about.

Some of them had a lot of to say about my abusive usage of Instagram - well, I knew that already.. but then I got home and deleted a hunch of people I knew I wouldn't want seeing my pictures. The topic strayed into sharing picturea online and somehow ended up being about how schools share pictures on Facebook. Wait, what! Why!? Schools do that apparently and I had no idea. Also, I got to know that schools also have whatsapp groups with all parents of each class in one group - Wait, what?!

The weightage of news shared on these Facebook pages and whatsapp groups range from homework details, holiday information, emergency messages and pictures as well. Information about the kids is sent to parents on a day to day basis with pictures. Talk about over communication!

I prefer a simple diary with all information written by the teacher... G boy's class now copies the stuff written in the board now. I get to see him using capitalisation and punctuations on his diary everyday. I'm not an over protective parent but Id rather receive a call from school personally than a message sent to a group. Nuh- uh!

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...