16 April, 2008

4 full days and no time

It was April finally and THE (only) convocation in my life was on a Tuesday - A day which is after a weekend and almost middle of a working week. I did not want to go with all the changes my college was making with its dates. I informed home that I would not be going when my mom said she wanted a snap of me with my 'degree'! That's all I could give her after 3 years of college and all the EDUCATION! ;) I decided to go... i scrapped 5 days of work and decided to make it to Chennai. With a lot of alteration to my tickets, I was done - I was flying to Chennai, 4 days there and then would go back home by train.

It was Friday and I could not wait... I reached the DAMN Shamshabad airport and boarded. I was looking forward to stay with Monu in her house. This is the first time I was seeing her after she got married. The flight towards Chennai was gone in a wink and I took a taxi towards Sowcarpet - that's where Monu lived! All my luggage (1 bag) was loaded and the car sped off. The first song that came on was "pettarap".... then i knew... I was in chennai!

I remember the first time and the last time in Chennai. In a cab - lost in thoughts but full of dreams! Sounds like i wanted to become a movie star! I remember how much i wanted to be out of home and there i was - Out of home! 

My day of graduation was not a day where my parents could watch me holding hands with the hat from far off... it was a sticky affiar inside that audi in college. But our spirits were not low! As usual, we did not sit in order. It was the 5 of us together - yet again! Giggling, making noises, cheering for the ppl we knew in other depts and havign the most fun we could out of those few silent hours! 

And FINALLY it was B.com Corporate Secretaryship. The long impatient wait became a slow and anxious one! We were to receive our *degrees*. We were about to graduate! And we did! 

My graduation day did not involve throwing the hat in the air and taking pictures with the paper! It was one fun filled reunion with loads of pride! 

01 April, 2008

Sambar/Vada, Roti/Aloo, Chapathi/muttar, Pav/Bhaji

Does it take a long time to digest all this eaten at the same time?! Its the same digestion process anyways. Why does it take so much time for people to learn to adjust when you are from different roots to live in one place?! Ego? Color? Race? Dressing sense? Expenditure limits? Choice of words?

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...