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Kick n up!

All I needed was one conversation.. and then came another.. to bring me back on my blog. For months I've been sitting at home doing nothing about me doing nothing.

Well, now I'm here. My previous post was about deciding on my new year resolutions - of course I'll be done deciding by New years eve. But somehow I thought it would be good for once to give up something till New Years. Last week Padhu made a very bold comment (which he shouldn't have). When I told him I was very bored - he said 'maybe you should get off your butt and not look at Facebook for a while.' YESS, I was angry and gulty.

So 'starting tomorrow' I will not log in to Facebook. Which also means -no using Padhu's Blackberry to update 'Happy New Year' status on Dec 31st. Which again includes no checking my Gmail notifications for FB posts. See what I've given up for this holiday season. Of course I' not going to get anything in return but I just wanted to put myself …