02 July, 2008

Why I luuuvveee Orkut!

Dunno what to do!?

Really bugged!?

Guess what I do when am done with work - Orkut!

I don't scrap people.
I don't refresh to see who is online. I get cheaper! ;)

I browse through profiles, random stuff, specially albums!

What random shit people post!! An album with 800 pictures after Orkut increased the photo limit! Ha! I wasn't that jobless to go through 800 pictures of football players, not even the profile owners!

1093 communities!! Man, how many diff likes and dislikes can one have?! Answer : Many! But just a 100 communities dedicated to football!?!? How crazy is that!!

Is it not enough you become a part of your fav filmstar's community!? Do u actually have to be a part of every damn movie he has acted?! Well, all do that!

Beat this : Birthday : Sep 10. Community : If you were born on September 10, join this community! Hell, what's with people and self-obsession!

Vyshnavi Happiness is missing in my life....
Hilda His ignorance, my patience - lets see who wins!!
Pranav - Manchester till my grave

What wonderful profile names.... whoa! Inner sentiments dont go anywhere so they become part of orkut profile names! Children! Hehehe!

I was thoroughly jobless, thats why a post like this! Enjoyed though!

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