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Status - My definition

There is this group of people I know in Tirupur who do some things. Read on

---- Buy the costliest clothes only for the Brand
---- Purposely leave the price tag on it the first time, just so that someone sees it and go WHOA!
---- Swing these clothes around when they go "hahahaha" for the not at all funny jokes
---- Fold these clothes and never spend on their dry cleaning ;)
---- Repeat these clothes for a 'family function' after a 'social get together'
---- Talk no end of these clothes when asked
---- Think they can just carry off these clothes

---- Donate 1 crore just so that their name comes on the paper
---- Add in their column in the paper "We wanted to make an Anonymous donation, but the trust wanted to publish this. This was not necessary"
---- Poise for these pictures near the poshest hotels for making a donation

---- Wear plastic smiles wherever they go
---- Host a party once a while just to remind their friends "we're here"

---- Hire nanni…

Say Yes or No!

Came across this post in my flat mate's blog. Decided to answer them too! :)

Gone on a blind date - No

Skipped school - Never, was in boarding school all my life!

Watched someone die - No

Been to abroad - Yes

Been on a plane - Yes

Been lost - Yes, Everyday Business

Been on the opposite side of the country - No

Swam in the ocean - Yes

Cried yourself to sleep - No

Played cops and robber - Yes

Recently colored with crayons - Yes

Sang Karaoke - Yes

Paid for a meal with coins only? - Yes! 25 bucks at Murugan idli Kadai

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? - Did my upper lip! :(

Made prank phone calls - Hah, Yes!

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - No

Caught a snowflake on your tongue - Yes

Danced in the rain - Yes

Written a letter to Santa Claus - Yes, just once. In 2 std. When I heard of Santa first.

Been kissed under the mistletoe - No

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about - Yes, thanks Besant Nagar beach

Blown bubbles - Yes, Coimbatore municipality exhibiti…

My lil' brother and Orkut!~

Been a while since I blogged. Didn't bother to even open my pages. I had a very busy month which was very fast by the way, until today. The company had given a Good Friday holiday and the two S days of the week follow. I signed up for weekend work as I desperately needed the compensation leave for my long weekend in Chennai. I was browsing through all possible sites for more information Sweeney Todd along with a friend. While doing so, we decided we would surf through his orkut profile for a while.


Mention the word in front of

* Mom : I hope you don't have your pictures there! The magazines say scary things about this site.
* Dad : Does Sai know all this? Teach him na...

We looked through all his pictures of graduation and turtle walk etc, when we came across one of his friends who had a few pictures. With a little tinge of joblessness we opened the pictures and looked through them. The guy had 8 pictures of himself in various posses in his room all in same clothes. we burs…