20 March, 2008

My lil' brother and Orkut!~

Been a while since I blogged. Didn't bother to even open my pages. I had a very busy month which was very fast by the way, until today. The company had given a Good Friday holiday and the two S days of the week follow. I signed up for weekend work as I desperately needed the compensation leave for my long weekend in Chennai. I was browsing through all possible sites for more information Sweeney Todd along with a friend. While doing so, we decided we would surf through his orkut profile for a while.


Mention the word in front of

* Mom : I hope you don't have your pictures there! The magazines say scary things about this site.
* Dad : Does Sai know all this? Teach him na...

We looked through all his pictures of graduation and turtle walk etc, when we came across one of his friends who had a few pictures. With a little tinge of joblessness we opened the pictures and looked through them. The guy had 8 pictures of himself in various posses in his room all in same clothes. we burst out laughing looking at the guy wear sun glasses inside his room and pose without his shirt! What was he thinking? Hrithick Roshan types?! Lol!

After a hearty laugh I got back to my work station with a tinge of excitement to view my orkut profile. I had been a frequent orkutter and once I joined Google I lost interest. I would be online all day long and people who scrapped me spoke to me all day over fone. Scraps didn't mean anything after long hours of online work. They don't still.

With all silly enthusiasm I opened my profile and began reading my 'About me' column. It was a long time back I had filled in that column and felt very funny reading it now. I went through all my testimonials and the testimonials I had written. It was fun reading all of those. I came across this very cute testimonial I had written for my lil' brother. I decided to check out all his testimonials and opened his page. I was so shocked to see about 8-9 testimonials. None of them were actual testimonials except for mine and ANOTHER GIRLs!! Phew! Whatever! She claimed him to be a good brother... what the hell does she know! @#$%#

Sai had this very funny 'About me' column which looked like it was copied from some other profile. And it was! His other testimonials were praising him to be Chester... some guy from Linkin Park which Sai is crazy about lately. They were funny! I was almost leaving the page when I saw a 110 pictures in his album! I checked my eyes for a moment and opened them. ALL LINKIN PARK! Ok Sir, I get the point! 220 Videos.... ALL LINKIN PARK! Damn u guy!

Almost disgusted with my brother's profile I was again almost leaving the page when I notices 990 communities!!!!!! I was lost for a minute! 990 communities??!?! I won't have so much to be a part of on Earth! Irritated with the fact that he was so involved with Orkut, I was a lil' angry!

Then I could think of nothing but those times when I started using Orkut in 2006. I was so hooked to the site. I was online always. I would wait for scraps and reply immediately! Then my brother's involvement looked little to me.

I then looked at his profile... and thought... 'what would he do when he realizes like me!' Let him!

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