29 August, 2008


When you held her hand the first time.. she dropped a tear.

When you smiled in ur sleep.. she was there.

When you took your first step.. she felt the pride.

When you fell ill.. she stayed up and prayed.

She thought of you every time the school bell rang.

When she was alone.. she embroided your hankies.

She told you stories to put you to sleep.

She watched you play and run and walk.

She smiled when ppl praised you.

She woke before you to get u set to school.

She.... will come back

The red umbrella~

Be mine~

It was just the 2 words that made the difference..

No hug or kiss could have meant that much..

No poem or card could have made the tear drop..

No sugar words could have silenced the lip..

Just enough.. that was just enough..

To hold him close and never want that moment to end..

The eyelids fell.. the skies did too.. and among those who held the black.. his hand opened out her red umbrella..

Feeling blah.

Never ever has a Friday evening been so BLAH before. I've got my bonus, I've got my salary, I'm literally rich today and yet I don't feel like getting my butt off this lousy chai
r to go back home or do something else.

Maybe its just the feeling of the first weekend after getting ba
ck to work from home. Last weekend was energetic and noisy at my relatives. I was poor then. 516 bucks poor.

Argh! Maybe this is the feeling of having everything and yet nothing!

13 August, 2008

The new sensation in my life...

This is the new sensation in my life!

What?! A ship sinking? War? Destruction!? NOO - Battleship!

The sexiest game to make you feel how lucky you are...

There are no strategies in this game and this game is pure sheer luck!

I remember playing this game for the first time in Nazareth. Every Sunday we took turns to says HIT, MISS! I looovve this game!

For a long time now I hadn't played this game till I discovered it on Skype! Naveen and I started playing this game and I felt like a winner even though he is far off in China and me in India. Same with Hari in Mumbai, Chellam in B'lore!!

This game makes me feel like I'm queen of the world! (Only wish you earnt money with every game u win!) I would have all theirs! hehe! (U guys are the best!)

I luuvvveee Battleship!

08 August, 2008

feeling beautiful again...

There is still a week to go... to be home after 6 months... to see all my school friends in life's first ever Alumni meet... to take pictures of the places we all had the best time... Also, to go to KKD for my best friends wedding! The very first wedding among all of us! 

So excited ever since i booked my tickets... I'm so glad I put up with myself for these excited days! When i come back work is gonna suck big time, im gonna be so homesick, so lost without the best of people around me... so bored with none to bug knowing they wont mind! But I'm gonna go and be back... be back! Aah! Yup..! 

Can't wait to go see the bride in all blushes (or shud we teach her to) dressed and still squeaky!! 

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...