12 March, 2013


If its a bad day, it will go by. The sun will rise again and all wil be well. A disastrous headache cannot last long, it will die. A bad situation cannot remain, it will go by. A helpless situation will see a ray of hope. That's what we are programmed for. 

It's ok to cry a little, crib a little, beat oneself up, ponder over something bad and cry about being stout. Cause when there is an effort, the times will change. We will all laugh a lot, laugh at the bad times and make them learning memories, lose weight and look fabulous. 

All it needs is some effort. 

Laugh a lot, eat what you like, love like the skies, sing out loud, dance when you want to, say what you want to, do what you want to, become someone's love, break a heart, get heartbroken, scream in a tunnel, get lost in the woods, chase fireflies, pout at the mirror, act like you have a magic wand, imitate your professor, call someone you haven't called in a while, climb a tree, click random pictures in a public train, dance with your little baby, cry into your pillow, pat yourself on the back after your laundry is done, get yelled at for a high mobile bill, travel without a ticket on a train, share gossip with a friend, roll on a patch of grass, wave at school children in a bus, smile at other's babies, smile at others, jump into a pool, flirt like the clouds and skies, cycle around, talk to people, learn from people. Live life, let go! Unclench. 

Cause its our life, make your own mistakes and live it big! 

05 March, 2013

Forgot and remembered now.

It was a very not-happening evening at a very boring wedding reception of a very boring person. Ok, I'm a bad person for saying that. I was so very bored when my husband's very annoying friend came by and said his very enthusiastic hello. I had no energy for the guy but said hello in return. He immediately took seat nearby and started talking about his gym workout that evening. Leave it to guys to show off about their workouts and biceps and triceps and abs. He went on and on and suddenly he started this conversation...

He : So Pragi, tell me how you stay in shape.
Me: I wake up, bathe, eat, log in to Facebook, then eat lunch, then doze off for a while, then have tea and then go for a walk and then eat something else and wait for dinner time. Then I eat and fall asleep. I wake up the next day and repeat.
He : Not bad ya, so how long on the treadmill?
Me : What?
He : I run for almost half n hour.
Me : I ate chapati I in the buffet cause the dining hall was full.
He : that's great ya, stay in shape.
Me : huh!
He : Catch you soon! Bye

This happened when I was four months pregnant. A few days later a common friend calls and asks me 'Pragi, you are running on the treadmill even when pregnant?'
Me : Oh god no!

Some people just don't listen, but talk a lot. I had forgotten to post this then.

04 March, 2013

The new awareness that's creeped in.

When I opened Facebook recently, I saw the 'life event' update option. Clicking that leads one to a variety of options like wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. When I read through them, I realised I do have a new 'life event' (if that's what Facebook calls it). No, not Baby G. I find myself wanting to eat organic and avoid artificial foods. I do give Baby G cerelac and tinned formula, but I choose to do the natural thing more now.

About a month ago, inspired by Pinterest, I planted a few cloves of garlic, some coriander (or cilantro, for those who really don't say coriander) and a pineapple. I'm sure the word pineapple made you think 'what he hell does a pineapple plant look like'. Good thought. Google it! I did so too and I was shocked. Pineapple plants are kind of funny looking. I'm a pineapple lover and so I just decided I would go ahead with a few suggestions from pinners. Here's a look into my garden, both at mum's home and at my in laws. Successfully cultivated my first batch of cilantro... I cannot say that anymore. Coriander. Kothumalli. Phew.

The garlic and coriander are doing well both places. The pineapple at mum's is the one I'm excited about. If my pineapple turns out well, I'd be really glad.

The new awareness : a kitchen garden is easy, less time consuming and healthy.

My nest item is 'herbs'. A variety of Indian kitchen herbs.

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