04 March, 2013

The new awareness that's creeped in.

When I opened Facebook recently, I saw the 'life event' update option. Clicking that leads one to a variety of options like wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. When I read through them, I realised I do have a new 'life event' (if that's what Facebook calls it). No, not Baby G. I find myself wanting to eat organic and avoid artificial foods. I do give Baby G cerelac and tinned formula, but I choose to do the natural thing more now.

About a month ago, inspired by Pinterest, I planted a few cloves of garlic, some coriander (or cilantro, for those who really don't say coriander) and a pineapple. I'm sure the word pineapple made you think 'what he hell does a pineapple plant look like'. Good thought. Google it! I did so too and I was shocked. Pineapple plants are kind of funny looking. I'm a pineapple lover and so I just decided I would go ahead with a few suggestions from pinners. Here's a look into my garden, both at mum's home and at my in laws. Successfully cultivated my first batch of cilantro... I cannot say that anymore. Coriander. Kothumalli. Phew.

The garlic and coriander are doing well both places. The pineapple at mum's is the one I'm excited about. If my pineapple turns out well, I'd be really glad.

The new awareness : a kitchen garden is easy, less time consuming and healthy.

My nest item is 'herbs'. A variety of Indian kitchen herbs.


Nagalakshmi V said...

so exciting! i've always wanted a kitchen garden. i can't see the pic though! RE-UPLOAD!!

on that note, kottayam, where i grew up was full of pineapple plans so i was taken aback a bit that people need to google it. thena gain, i would probably need to google pear and peach too :)

Pragi said...

I have re-uploaded the pic Nags.

I really felt quite dumb when I didn't know how a pineapple plant would look. I just HAD to know right away.

Nags, you can try your own kitchen garden indoors. Pinterest has soooo many ideas. I'm saving all of Baby G's cerelac tins for the herbs cause at my in laws there isn't much space for more. Plants like mint grow from a small bit of what you've bought from the store. My mum had a plant from which she would pick mint leaves for biryani. She's got even beetal leaves at home!

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