24 July, 2011

Painting in Italy

Pic courtesy - Daddy

Painting on the roads of Italy. This old man was painting the Dome of the Cathedral for 2 days. Daddy clicked a few pictures and here they are. Italy is magical!


Right from his Ullasam days, Vikram has had the knack of capturing a memory of himself among the audiences. Then when Sethu happened he was a household name. He stole our hearts with Pithamagan and then got all our love with Saamy. Then we abused him a little when Kandasam happened and now with Deivathirumagal he is back with no complaints!

Padhu and I watched deivathirumagal last night. With early notifications I carried tissues and I needed more when the film climaxed. The film is about the fight to take a child back to her mentally challenged father who share a perfectly wonderful relationship. With an array of emotions, comedy and law points - the movie moves slowly but steadily making us want to stay in our seats.

Scenes where both father and daughter converse to the moon while away from each other chokes he audience to tears. The climax of the movie in a courtroom scene where the father and daughter meet after a long time. There is a particular little dancy movement the both do which makes even the stonehearts fight back tears! The cherry on this pudding is when Vikram returns the daughter of his to her aunt to give her a better life and walks towards the moon saying his Nila will come back when she is a doctor.

Applause, applause, applause.

12 July, 2011

Garlic chutney for Reema

Reems.. a quick call to my chithi dearest and here the recipe is. Statutory warning - Love for garlic is a must! I will post a picture when I make it - but here's the recipe.

This chutney apparently can be made 2 ways -

All you need is Cloves of garlic peeled. Chilli powder. Gingelly oil. Powdered salt.

* Run your cloves of peeled garlic in a blender till they are just itty-bitty bits. Add salt, chilli powder and gingelly oil and mix well. Close container and allow the garlic to soak in the oil and spices for half an hour. Serve with Idly, Dosai and Curd rice. Can be kept for 5 days refrigerated.

**Run your cloves of peeled garlic in a blender till they are just itty-bitty bits. In a frying pan, saute the garlic for a while till the raw garlic smell is no more. Then add salt, chilli powder and if need be, more oil. Best consumed within a day.

Eating a clove of garlic everyday helps the heart stay healthy.

Last week..

So many milestones last week.. so many moments to remember.. and so much time well spent.

For starters.. my dad turned 59 on July 8. I didn't get him anything this year but a daughter can get away with something as small as a hug and kiss! In a year my dad's gonna hit the big 60 and my mum's gonna look like my sister :| even then. hmpf. But yayy.. daddy's happy budday!

Siva a.k.a Siva Bala Hari Sudhan (in short) tied the knot with Aarthi Ramamoorthi - the love of his life! This much awaited wedding was on the 10th morning at a temple nearby followed by a reception later. The biggie this one was.. welcome Aarthi, to Tirupur and to the circle (Google + impact). Congrats Siva!

The best one of all - Nethra said a few more words over the last week.. She said tha-tha (grandfather), atha (grandma), athai (aunt) and apple (the fruit, not the company or its gadgets). She still hasn't uttered anything close to chithi, but I'm so damn sure chithi is going to arrive faster than chithappa.

Lakshmi got back from the US. Pah. She was on a 2 month vacation with her aunts in the US and I was tired of having no one to call and talk to. Well, now she's back!

Eventful and tiring last week was with weddings and temples!

I love the 'Uruli' job

The new orange and pink entry in the garden

Windmills and the breeze under the coconut trees

When I see a windmill I immediately think of the day of my wedding. Padhu and I got married in a temple surrounded by a coconut tree farm and a lot of windmills. From my room window I cold see the gopuram of the temple and several windmills. The breeze around the place with the sound of the coconut palms wrestling with themselves is a soother!

We visited Padhu's maternal grandparents a week before and went to their farm. There were windmills around everywhere. Watching the evening sunset, the windmills and the blue tractor hurrying to complete its job was a perfect way to put an end to the weekend!

11 July, 2011

aaargh, simbu.

I hear one more person sing 'evandi unna pethan, pethan, pethan', I promise Avan kaila kedachaan sethan, sethan, sethan.

I've heard this song for over a year now and (yes, its catchy) its annoying. Yes Mr.Silambarasan or the Di boy - Write your own lyrics, sing your own songs - but don't translate then literally in English cause 'Evadi unna pethan' in English is not exactly 'Who the hell is your daddy.'

07 July, 2011

Recent FB attention

A friend pinged me on Facebook saying I've been writing too many letters. I wondered what she was saying and then she pointed out how most of my statuses on FB were letters and how recently most of my statuses have been getting a lot of attnetion (psst, i noticed that too!).

Well, they follow..

Used the Google search with Voice feature and got the search results for 'Boodum on a bun' when I said 'Padmanaban'

If the movie Arunachalam was dubbed in English, Rajnikanth would be singing 'that only, this only Arunachalam me only'.

Telling oldies in Tamil Nadu that a chief minister can be someone outside the film industry is like telling kids that Santa doesn't exist

Did Karan Johar not read the rule list while making Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? PARENTS are not allowed in summer camps Karan!

I hear Lady Gaga is coming soon to India. If she ever wears her 'meat dress', I'm sure the stray dogs here are going to chase her till her hair turns yellow. Oh wait, it is already yellow!

Dear Yahoo,
Aren't you jolly anymore?
With love,

"Dear Madam,
We hereby inform you that your application for Change of Permanent Address has been successfully received and fulfilled. Starting May 15 your permanent address will be Tihar Jail, Cell No 6. Please note that any changes in cell number will be considered as a temporary change only. Also, since you won't be flying anymore - we hereby cancel your passport.

Passport Authority"

The thumb was shown to say success. The ring finger served its purpose. The index finger was used to point and the little finger to excuse oneself to the loo. The middle finger lost its glory with nothing to do. But however that's the finger most used today and somehow one middle finger is just not enough!!

"Dear Dhayanidhi,

Its getting lonely here. I can no longer stare at empty walls and read books repeatedly. I'm waiting for your arrival. I hear from the jail officials you resigned this evening. So happy to hear that! Look at us, aren't we a happy family! Looking forward to welcome you here!

Fruit Language (Kani Mozhi)
That's the best I could come up with to add a little spice to this letter."

05 July, 2011

Brilliant ain't the word!

If one hasn't already fallen in love with Sidhaarth's performance in Rang De Basanti and Striker - then 180 is a must watch. Brilliant is an understatement!

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...