24 January, 2008

A promise!

My first day with Emails

Today is my first day with emails. Now I’m an E-mailer ;) (Big girl!)! I have not done even one email as of now and do not intend to do any either. That’s because my very first email was a lot of research and waiting. I have to wait till tomorrow to write that email. The poor advertiser. Let him wait!

Being a Customer Service Representative is listening to customer concerns and is not easy. You need to know the product too well to deal with customers. They will write only when they have problem. Obviously, I’ve never called Hutch… OK Vodafone to tell them I love their service! (By the way I really don’t) We go to these customer service people only when we have problems. There are times when I’ve called Hutch (Past) to ask them why they changed to Pink from Orange!! Yeah… these crazy things happen when friends get together and decide to bug someone when they have nothing to do! Sometimes even at 12 am! ;)

People write in with serious problems… advertising online is a lot of money at risk! You never know if the person who is clicking on your ad online is actually interested~ it’s a gamble!

Brushing all that… I received an email from an advertiser saying, “My husband passed away. I would like his account be preserved just the way it is. There are some information there may be used by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners.?” I almost dropped a tear… Poor thing! Money really kindles the emotional side of everyone I guess! I could not answer the email as I had to go for a meeting. Someone else should have! I really wish they said, “I’m sorry about your husband. I can help you assured.”

With a systematic process of framing advertiser answers… the manual touch of replies and answers are missing! I hope to do my best in personalizing my emails really well. I don’t want advertisers grumbling over my email. I want to serve them better. Working hard to do my best! Hope I do become a good CSR.

My promise for this quarter: Write emails that are not robotic. Rather humane.

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