29 January, 2010

EIGHT - 8 - in & around

No fever or cold can stop me from replying to Hamsi's comments or posts. This one's for you Hamsi!

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch:
1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) Sex & The City
4) Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations
5) Kylie Kwong - Simply Magic (Except she calls it something else now!)
6) Dinner time losers drama - Splitsvilla/Roadies
7) Beach Getaways - Travel & Living
8) Anything Cooking Anywhere!

8 Places to eat and dine:

1) Sangeetha, Chennai
2) Anganan Kadai, Coimbatore
3) Aromas Of China, Hyderabad
4) Mainland China, Chennai
5) Gallopin Gooseberries, Chennai
6) Little Italy, Chennai
7) Wanton, Chennai
8) Chinese Room, Hyderabad

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) Any phone call from a long lost friend..
2) Getting married and settling in my very own house
3) Starting a play-school with no text book syllabus
4) Opening a KFC/MC Donalds franchisee in Tirupur (sigh)
5) My brother's wedding - (i dunno why!)
6) A get together with all my Chennai friends with their spouses
7) Starting a home for physically challenged children
8) Building a Temple

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

1) I spent the whole day working from home
2) Skype was on the whole time. Padhu and I were talking the whole day.
3) I called Sus out of the blue and had a nice conversation with her
4) I missed my bride's maids (Hari Saran, Naveen Murugesan)
5) I missed a movie - Avatar on 3D
6) I ate potato poriyal after ages!
7) I sang out loud and worked thinking my throat would get better
8) I realized I remember lyrics of very old Tamil songs and felt proud!

8 Things I love about Winter:

1) I love to cuddle in my blankets without the fan
2) I get to lie on my bed for as long as I want
3) Sudoku loves to be chased more during winters (dunno y!)
4) Mummy give me hot chocolate first thing in the morning
5) Most friends abroad ignore the outside and prefer the internet - so we get to catch up!
6) A little bit of sun is to soak in
7) Clothes dry slow, so I don't have to wash everyday! :D
8) Sleep comes easily.

8 Things on my Wish-list:

1) A car for my brother's wedding
2) A Harley Davidson for Padhu
3) A super-duper 25 year Anniv celebration for mum and dad.
4) The perfect home with a room that's completely red - for my photo frames and collectibles :)
5) Starting a home for the physically challenged
6) Meeting AR Rahman (sigh)
7) Nikon D3000
8) -------------

8 Things I am Passionate about

1) Love
2) Writing
3) Photography
4) Singing
5) Gardening
6) ------
7) ------
8) ------

8 Words/Phrases I often use:

1) Duffer
2) Yeah, RIGHT!
3) what nonsense
4) Yayy!
5) So, what do you think?
6) Does this mean....
7) Illa Paa!
8) I don't care

8 Places I would like to go /Visit:

1) Ladakh/Leh
2) Dal Lake, Srinagar
3) The Taj Mahal, Agra
4) Darjeeling
5) Maldives
6) Coconut Lagoon, Kerala
7) New York
8) Australia

8 Things I currently need/want:

1) A working model charger for Hari's Nikon D70
2) A Nikon D3000
3) A book shelf for my room in Tirupur
4) -----
5) ----
6) ----
7) ----
8) ----

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag:

1) Hamsi (If i can, again)
2) Saranya Senguttuvan
3) Naveen Murugesan
4) Arunlekha Sengupta
5) Pradeep Subramaniam
6) Nagalakshmi
7) Arvind Dink
8) Upasna Nath

Waiting to see your completed versions friends!

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