07 July, 2011

Recent FB attention

A friend pinged me on Facebook saying I've been writing too many letters. I wondered what she was saying and then she pointed out how most of my statuses on FB were letters and how recently most of my statuses have been getting a lot of attnetion (psst, i noticed that too!).

Well, they follow..

Used the Google search with Voice feature and got the search results for 'Boodum on a bun' when I said 'Padmanaban'

If the movie Arunachalam was dubbed in English, Rajnikanth would be singing 'that only, this only Arunachalam me only'.

Telling oldies in Tamil Nadu that a chief minister can be someone outside the film industry is like telling kids that Santa doesn't exist

Did Karan Johar not read the rule list while making Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? PARENTS are not allowed in summer camps Karan!

I hear Lady Gaga is coming soon to India. If she ever wears her 'meat dress', I'm sure the stray dogs here are going to chase her till her hair turns yellow. Oh wait, it is already yellow!

Dear Yahoo,
Aren't you jolly anymore?
With love,

"Dear Madam,
We hereby inform you that your application for Change of Permanent Address has been successfully received and fulfilled. Starting May 15 your permanent address will be Tihar Jail, Cell No 6. Please note that any changes in cell number will be considered as a temporary change only. Also, since you won't be flying anymore - we hereby cancel your passport.

Passport Authority"

The thumb was shown to say success. The ring finger served its purpose. The index finger was used to point and the little finger to excuse oneself to the loo. The middle finger lost its glory with nothing to do. But however that's the finger most used today and somehow one middle finger is just not enough!!

"Dear Dhayanidhi,

Its getting lonely here. I can no longer stare at empty walls and read books repeatedly. I'm waiting for your arrival. I hear from the jail officials you resigned this evening. So happy to hear that! Look at us, aren't we a happy family! Looking forward to welcome you here!

Fruit Language (Kani Mozhi)
That's the best I could come up with to add a little spice to this letter."

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