09 August, 2007

Storm in a coffee cup!~


It is easier to change one's religion but never their coffee!~ That's an amazing line by Barista. It's human nature to think of someone when they see something! Well... coffee reminds me of 4 best friends I had from college. Son, Mon, Reddy, and Shilps. We can sit in this place and yap about the most stupid things on Earth for hours. We can frustrate all couples who end up in this place. This is our job when we are here. And what do we pay to reach this place? Just one coffee... someone buys! (Mostly Reddy) What do we get for what we pay... Hours of chat/gossip, Gallons of laughter and many many memories! Love you kuthus!

Sofa #3,
Near The Guitar,
Where Shilpa slipped and fell,
Only @ Ethiraj Barista,
Chennai - 600 008

Back to the grind

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