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Breaking barriers

I woke this morning with my little boy's hands tickling my neck. With the added luxury of wanting to sleep late, I picked up my phone and called my mum. She ran upstairs and took my son along with her so I could get that little sleep I needed. It's her thing, she loves it. She does it every time and from the moment they leave my room and till I go downstairs after my bath, I hear them giggling, laughing, screaming and making noise in every which way. My mom makes sure she closes the door, but these noises are the noises that reach you beyond the door. My father usually gives his own touch of love by switching on the AC for me before he leaves but father and daughters is another story.

For five years, I've been studying the life of a woman who runs a home, a family. I've been trying so so hard to do it myself, my way but there are so many times I've realised that whatever you do you will be the woman with the element of feeling who waits. I'm either waiting for…