17 June, 2009

If I were insanely rich & stupid...

I've lived in more than 4 hostels, and always out of home. My life has always revolved around people of my age and different people of my age. Each one has their own definition and most of them are the original pieces. Museum keeps types! As students, almost all of them live on their parents earnings and when they're done, they take over the complete ________. (I don't even wanna say property)

I've seen these madly rich kids sport color lenses when they were in school, wear only diamonds and get their weekly salon appointment fixed. There were some who would just bring a cell phone (whether or not someone calls you) to school at the age of 16. There were also some who made sure they got home in time so they could have their mani-pedis. (Did I mention school?!)

Last night M and I were going over a few FB profiles to make each other laugh. These are the kinds who will takes pictures of themselves and put up various poses in the same location with the same costume. (urgh) There were a few pictures that got us into splits!!

Anyway, after M and I had a hearty laugh and a SUPER COOL dinner - I got to thinking What would I do, if I were insanely rich & stupid. Knowing me, I would have surely taken the advantage of having come from a rich home and not studied at all in school. And then maybe with mounting pressure of helping parents with business blah blah I would have gone abroad to some great university and completed my masters.
Note : I would have put up pictures of me on Facebook as the super cool chick who went to London and showed it off big time. (maybe with a special touch of diff branded boots)

I decided to find the secret fantasies of my friends so I went ahead and asked a few.. and I was not disappointed!!

Naani "I would give all my wealth to someone i didn't trust only cos he was cute."

Upsie Wupsie Spider "I would have bought a boat...like a caravan/boat...traveled all over...(cause i m rich)
and then i would have done the same things everywhere...(since i m stupid)"

Jeanette "I would make a replica of the Taj Mahal!"

Yash "If I was insanely rich, i wud definitely be stupid too! so i would possibly have bought everything from the Ferrari Online Store! and the Manchester United one too... for my roommate... coz he wud feel bad otherwise."

LMAO!! You guys are the best! :) My morning laughter was done!

Any idea what you would've done if you were Insanely RICH & STUPID. Remember its not a 'What would you do if you were a millionaire' question! Its a 'What Would You Have Done If You Were Insanely Rich & STUPID!!'

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