12 July, 2011

Garlic chutney for Reema

Reems.. a quick call to my chithi dearest and here the recipe is. Statutory warning - Love for garlic is a must! I will post a picture when I make it - but here's the recipe.

This chutney apparently can be made 2 ways -

All you need is Cloves of garlic peeled. Chilli powder. Gingelly oil. Powdered salt.

* Run your cloves of peeled garlic in a blender till they are just itty-bitty bits. Add salt, chilli powder and gingelly oil and mix well. Close container and allow the garlic to soak in the oil and spices for half an hour. Serve with Idly, Dosai and Curd rice. Can be kept for 5 days refrigerated.

**Run your cloves of peeled garlic in a blender till they are just itty-bitty bits. In a frying pan, saute the garlic for a while till the raw garlic smell is no more. Then add salt, chilli powder and if need be, more oil. Best consumed within a day.

Eating a clove of garlic everyday helps the heart stay healthy.

Last week..

So many milestones last week.. so many moments to remember.. and so much time well spent.

For starters.. my dad turned 59 on July 8. I didn't get him anything this year but a daughter can get away with something as small as a hug and kiss! In a year my dad's gonna hit the big 60 and my mum's gonna look like my sister :| even then. hmpf. But yayy.. daddy's happy budday!

Siva a.k.a Siva Bala Hari Sudhan (in short) tied the knot with Aarthi Ramamoorthi - the love of his life! This much awaited wedding was on the 10th morning at a temple nearby followed by a reception later. The biggie this one was.. welcome Aarthi, to Tirupur and to the circle (Google + impact). Congrats Siva!

The best one of all - Nethra said a few more words over the last week.. She said tha-tha (grandfather), atha (grandma), athai (aunt) and apple (the fruit, not the company or its gadgets). She still hasn't uttered anything close to chithi, but I'm so damn sure chithi is going to arrive faster than chithappa.

Lakshmi got back from the US. Pah. She was on a 2 month vacation with her aunts in the US and I was tired of having no one to call and talk to. Well, now she's back!

Eventful and tiring last week was with weddings and temples!

I love the 'Uruli' job

The new orange and pink entry in the garden

Windmills and the breeze under the coconut trees

When I see a windmill I immediately think of the day of my wedding. Padhu and I got married in a temple surrounded by a coconut tree farm and a lot of windmills. From my room window I cold see the gopuram of the temple and several windmills. The breeze around the place with the sound of the coconut palms wrestling with themselves is a soother!

We visited Padhu's maternal grandparents a week before and went to their farm. There were windmills around everywhere. Watching the evening sunset, the windmills and the blue tractor hurrying to complete its job was a perfect way to put an end to the weekend!

Back to the grind

With the start of the academic year here, life is almost back to the grind. School is priority uno for both G boy and me. This year looks pr...