16 February, 2009

Political party? Or just a caste discrimination idea to prove one's dominance?

Sunday, the 15 of February was supposedly a HUGE deal in Kondunaad. Well, kongunaad comprises of all those places where 'Gounders' are prominent. A political party has been formed to help these areas overcome some problems the textile industry has been facing for a long time. The objectives and action plans of this 'party' are great!

Districts of Coimbatore, Tirupur, the Nilgiris, Erode, Salem, Karur, Namakkal, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Dindigul have been facing a lot of trouble with electricity, allowances for textile industries etc. This party's main goal is to solve the problems that children of these caste members face at colleges due to seat reservation. Members of this caste are segregated as BC - Backward Class and the posts of judges and vice-chancellors are never given to them per Govt lines. (Not like it works that way either!)

This party was officially launched on Sunday and had a minimum crowd of 8 lakh people and sources say they had an easy collection of 16 crores as donation in the last week. (makes sense to invest all the black money in helping build the industry!)

Good thoughts, appealing manifesto. This party hopes to get votes from all the eligible gounders which is more than a crore here. They stand to win if their campaigns are as effective as their launch. And if they DO win, they rule their land and it will be like the return of the kings.

Businessmen run this party! So the strategies are great.

*First, they attacked the correct demographic - The Sentimental and prestigious caste clan.

*Second, they studied the market of the previous politicians in the area and came up with something much more appealing than them.

*Third, they got the people to believe that 'if u don't vote for your caste candidate - you are making a BIG mistake.'

*Fourth, they not only kept one city as target, they've given all cities in Kongunaad equal importance and equal distribution of seats and posts.

*Fifth, they got everyone believing that this is JUST a political party.

*Sixth, they made their launch a money making session by an entry fee of Rs.2/- which comes up to Rs.16 lakhs for a minimum crowd.

*Seventh, they not only got the gounders believing that these guys have something in store for them and their industries but also they got every labor in and around Tirupur and the Textile kingdom hoping for a change (which means more votes!)

Brilliant marketing strategies and campaign techniques. Hats off to the guys who were the sole reason of me getting pissed off at two best friends over a conference who bugged my soul for over 40 minutes. And good luck to those who have high hopes for this darn party! I was hoping things more positive like the little BC box will vanish, not go a line higher and near the FC box in applications!


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