13 November, 2012

My no-cracker Diwali

Happy Diwali first of all!

Every year I keep thinking I should not burst crackers during Diwali, but fail miserably. This year the same thing happened, but I didn't buy any new ones. I finished all the old ones that were lying n my attic. Mum is happy the attic has more space now. It is my first Diwali as a parent and yet I acted like a kid when I saw my dad light the first cracker! Will power and self control.

Baby G's first Diwali - With the mild winter setting in, he loves to cuddle close into me and sleep with my quilt over his. He woke only at 845 which gave me loads of sleep. All I had to do was hand him over to my parents and start getting ready. When I was ready and downstairs G was all dressed up and smart! What fun it is to see dad carry him to the little Ganapathy statue in our lawn and make him pray there!

With a long photo session with my grandparents and his grandparents, G went back to sleep. He woke around our lunch time and Skyped with his mama in the UK. With all the excitement of it being Gs first Diwali and all, I was still feelIng low that it was my very first Diwali with my brother so far away. We had sent him a courier with murukkus and sweets and a bunch of new clothes for him.

Diwali this year was relaxed, slow, new, and wonderful in its own way! I watched Padhu burst a few crackers and then watched me little boy. Everyone else was saying he would burst crackers next year by now. 

It was definitely a happy Diwali! Hope all of you had a wonderful Diwali! 

NRIs, Overseas students, travellers who didn't get their Diwali at home in India - here's hoping one Diwali here will come soon! Distances make the heart grow fonder, don't they. 

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