10 September, 2007

Lonavla/Khandala - September 7th to 9th, 2007

September 7th, 2007
The much awaited Lonavla/Khandala trip started off with a BIG boom! We started the wait for the train with the news that we did not have tickets confirmed for the trip! Out of the 55 tickets that were booked... 10 were supposed to be canceled... Whoever the fool of an ass was canceled 45 tickets instead of canceling 10! So we had to travel in the general compartment... and yeah WE DID!

We pushed and rammed the general compartment... bullied the laymen on the luggage rack!!! And we found our places in the compartment TO STAND! hehe! Yes... we stood for more than 3 hours and it was awesome fun to pass around the lil juice packs and chewing gums we all saved for the train! After a lot of talking and convincing Zubin (tour organiser) found a few seats for us! Sarmistha and I managed to squeeze into one berth! We woke at 5 in the morning and found all the guys awake... we gave them our seats and sat for a while!

We arrived at Lonavla at 10:30am on the 8th. We hurried into a van and went to the hotel. We hurriedly changed up for the waterfalls!! After a small drive we arrived at a spot called Liril Spot! It was a beautiful area that was all green... and yesssss loads of flowers!! We took a scary trek down the hill (3 kms) and reached the water fall!! It was a beautiful sight and all the other Googlers plunged into the water!! After 3 hours of awesome fun we proceeded for a Gujarati lunch. We then went to Tiger's Point. Like the name says it is a view point which looks over a beautiful valley with many waterfalls pouring themselves down! It was a breathtaking view! We then went to Amby Valley. Amby Valley is a spot uphill about 40kms that has all big shots guest houses and bungalows! It is a restricted area that u can access only till the entrance area! Amby valley has its own runway for private jets to land! We then went to sunset point and sat for a while watching the sunset... It was beautiful!! We then went back to the hotel... but the next mishap was up! We ran out of petrol! Finally we reached our hotel at around 9 and then had a bath ;)

The next day was a fun filled day which i thoroughly enjoyed! We took the train back to Hyd at 3:15pm and reached hyd the next day morning! I ENJOYED THROUGHLY!!

Cheers to the Hydooglers@google.com ;)

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