28 January, 2015

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes - book review

I'm deeply disappointed I watched the movies guzaarish and khoobsurat before I read this book. Inspite of having Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithick Roshan flash in my head every time I read the book, I loved it. A well written book with very few characters, no confusing, storyline, heartbreaking tragedy, soulful relationships, love for family and of all, love portrayed well.

The book is based on a girl who takes up a job too make ends meet, being the only bread winner of the family. She is the happy go-lucky kinda girl. Silly, in her own way. Smarter than silly. She is the older sister who sacrifices too much. She is probably a part of every girl in every household. No one can hate Louisa. She accepts the job of being 'company' to a quadriplegic. Secretly she learns that her boss has petitioned to the Dignitas to kill himself because he cannot do much in his wheelchair. The family buys a time frame of six months and that's when Louisa is his company. 

The book is easy to read and is tough to put down. Loisa makes a lot of effort to help him overcome his solitude by starting conversations. Mostly, she is not entertained. Somehow she gets through to him and they become the best of friends. Their relationship is probably the kind where the boy keeps saying 'u silly girl' all the time yet falling in love with her confident silly ways. While she is optimistically herself! 

The story unfolds beautifully when Louisa convinces him to go on a trip and thinks she can change his mind to remove himself from the petition. They fall in love and what happens after is the end to the story. In between, there is a sister one cannot miss. And a boyfriend that no one would ever want. 

The book stays in my heart. After, I did some research about the Dignitas and it makes me shudder that it actually exists. I gave the book 5 stars. And I give five stars only when a book makes me cry.

A beautiful read. Not sure how men will react to the book. 

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