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Ammchi, the best!

My parents buy what I think is a gossip paper not a news paper - the Deccan Chronicle. But for people like me who visit, that paper is loads of entertainment. Well, yesterday I visited them as usual for my Sunday chicken lunch. The gossip paper told me that yesterday was Grandparents day. I read through what celebrities had to say about their grandparents and wondered who out of the 4 grandparents was my favorite. I personally think all girls are closer to their maternal grandmother. And so am I! I love, still love my ammchi!

She was a short stout and bubbly woman. She and my appchi worked really hard in their farms and bought a piece of land. For years they constructed their dream home and that's where my amma lived. In those days it was so difficult to have a roof above one's head, both of them worked so hard and constructed a 3 floor building with 13 houses to rent out. That building stands till today and that's where my happiest days have been. Be it Diwali, Pongal…