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Tho kya?!

My 10th std hindi has actually given me some confidence in Hyderabad... splly with the auto drivers :) Never thought i'd get this fluent with the National language though... Thanks to Kuthu :)

Not a part of my desktop or my wallet pictures but this piglet is there just everywhere... Lucky Manoj :) She's preparing to leave some stupid far-off village... cookery classes i believe... any need?? Kutthu. (yey sab karna hey na...) hehe.

Poorest joker... greatest laughter... cribbing... culturals... FOOD :).. dancing... department... Phew... wish you could come here for a while yaar... atleast to handle these auto drivers. Idiot. But am so happy for her. A super dooper futur awaiting tu. jeethi raho betti. :) :)

Full yet empty

Hmm.. its been three weeks at this great place and every day is as new as the first. I've learned a lot its good to be paid for getting taught :)

Settled? What would i call it? A place to stay, a job in hand, people who would offer to come with you when you need to go out... yeah. good. Feels nice...

But the missing balance on the phones, late rising, gossip and chat, roll call bells, late night talks... nah nah. Nothing here...

The huge rooms and balconies are so lifeless when there's no one to count stars with. The Moto L7 is TOTALLY dead when there is no free messaging to "simply boo" people or "dinner @ 8?" pals. The dark temptation is just not on my mind without its "TM owners" around. The "who's paying my bill?" is so outdated now. The "blah blah blah" mummy talks stay only over calls. Bully the baby with the dignified. and ya...

...The real guava juice is just not tasty when its free and when there's none to fight fo…