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...the second first kiss

I was sipping on my tea and biting into my croissant. I had finally settled, or that's what I thought. It had been 23 months since I left my country and arrived at Oakland. I had arrived with no clue and now here I was in my own house, in a colony filled with people who would not remind me of the past and a job that was enough for a monthly saving and grocery.

I was on a time table, a time table to forget the past, a time table that would keep me busy, a time table that would exhaust me so I would not stare at my ceiling thinking of the past in that eerie silence of the night not knowing how to sleep. My life was now in a place I hadn't seen coming. I was in a different country, far from family and cut off from friends.

It was the 100th week. 100 weeks of waking up to say hello to my family on a webcam. 100 weeks of not answering emails from friends. 100 weeks of pretending that the picture I had hidden in my piggy bank never existed. 100 weeks of beginning to believe that my …