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Greed at a cost!

I have always had cravings for more... well... who doesn't?! When I was in Class Two - I always wanted an extra piece of birthday cake at every party though we were taught that its manners to take one and say Thank you. But when your friend has loads left and she says "Pragi, take one more" I would!! Hehe! When I was in college, my dad gave me limited allowance - as pocket money and as college fund. Meaning I would get an allowance of 5000 bucks for my food bills in hostel, cultural bills in college and auto and other stuff. Some days my dad would put in 10000 bucks to transfer to another account or for 2 months together - I always wanted to withdraw a little more for a little luxury that month.. and I Would!! These are these tiny little cravings of mine which I have felt happy about.

I have a few.. actually a lot more... cravings for luxuries... Attainable but at a cost! I've always wanted to do some things which I know are out of affordable areas. Here goes a list …

Black Gray White

Has there been a question where you might want another option other than YES and NO? That's what my dad calls the gray area. "Either gimme a black or white - I don't want to hear any grays."