03 March, 2009

Comfort zone

A known comfortable familiar face even in a snowstorm is a wonderful feeling. There is someone there, and you feel safe.

Last week was just that. Known faces, the comfort factor, the familiarity. No extra worried about losing myself in this place or facing people unknown.

My room was a mess, but I had no issues showing it to Aarti's parents. There was hardly any place to walk in the room with the extra mattress, but Shilpa and I managed a game of tabboo, 2 games of Scrabble and also something that looked like a pillow fight. The city was hot, really hot - yet we managed to go places and eat Mc Donalds and play in the auto like always. The ceremonies were long and non-stop, yet we managed to sit through them right in front watching Priya get married. The hall was noisy and loud, yet we managed to remember to call US during the wedding. The photographers were all crowded near the stage and yet we managed to find a bold spot to take OUR OWN pictures (loads of them!) My wallet was as usual out of change, yet with no seconds to waste Shilpi fished hers out to get change like always. The trains were late both days, but I patiently waited to receive the two of them which felt like receiving them at hostel gate when back from weekend. There were no tears and no drama, it was normal (though I was crying a river inside when they left!) All the auto rides were familiar, same places, same fights for who will sit the sunny side, different clothes though! If it was 'anna' there, it was 'bhaiyya' here! It was the similar feel of shopping for gifts, budget, low budget, no budget.

Loved the last week! Miss you guys! Loads! :D

Back to the grind

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