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What's in a name?

What’s in a name?Your name is your identity. That’s what you are and that’s what you’re called. It’s like your mobile number. If you change it and you’ll have to inform all the people you know and even the government! Even if you lose your number you can get a duplicate... you cant lose your name. You'll find it the next time someone calls you!
I remember those days when I whined long nights about my name. Is pra-ga-tham-bal really difficult to pronounce? Yeah, it is 4 syllables. And, it’s a goddess whom I’m named after. I remember how people looked at me when I said, “Hi, I’m Pragathambal from Tirupur.” “What from Tirupur?” Phew! I was quiet sick and tired of it until I saw this article in a popular Tamil magazine. This article was about a temple named after the goddess Pragathambal. This temple is in Tanjore and that’s all I could get from that article. I was overjoyed about knowing where the temple is. I could tell people that there is a temple now. Truly, never felt bad about h…

Find yourself!

Harry Potter is for kids?! EH? What?! I’ve seen this huge a line, to buy something on its first day only for Rajni Kanth movies. The final book of Harry Potter released on July 21/07. I was a part of this line myself… but a lot earlier than the other fans… I walked into shopper’s stop and asked for the book on June 21/07! Gulp! Scoops of embarrassment! I know… but the sales guy just looked, smiled and said what he had to. No advance bookings! First come first served! I was narrating this incident to a colleague… the conversation went like this
“WHAT?? You actually read Harry Potter??”
“Well yes I do. What’s with the surprise!?!?”“I cannot believe you read Harry Potter!”“Didn’t I just tell you I do? What’s so hard to believe when I’m telling you myself?”“The fact that you are reading HARRY POTTER!”“The fact that I’M reading Harry Potter or the fact that I’m reading HARRY POTTER?”“That tone was good…The second one!”“What’s so surprising? Everyone reads Harry Potter!”“You’re 21 Pragi!”“Lik…