22 January, 2008

Find yourself!

Harry Potter is for kids?! EH? What?!

I’ve seen this huge a line, to buy something on its first day only for Rajni Kanth movies. The final book of Harry Potter released on July 21/07. I was a part of this line myself… but a lot earlier than the other fans… I walked into shopper’s stop and asked for the book on June 21/07! Gulp! Scoops of embarrassment! I know… but the sales guy just looked, smiled and said what he had to. No advance bookings! First come first served!

I was narrating this incident to a colleague… the conversation went like this

“WHAT?? You actually read Harry Potter??”

“Well yes I do. What’s with the surprise!?!?”

“I cannot believe you read Harry Potter!”

“Didn’t I just tell you I do? What’s so hard to believe when I’m telling you myself?”

“The fact that you are reading HARRY POTTER!”

“The fact that I’M reading Harry Potter or the fact that I’m reading HARRY POTTER?”

“That tone was good…The second one!”

“What’s so surprising? Everyone reads Harry Potter!”

“You’re 21 Pragi!”

“Like I don’t know!!!!”

“OK listen… kids in school can afford to read such KIDDO books!”

“Haven’t I been though school? Haven’t I started reading right from school? It’s a book damn it! Anyone can read!”

I knew she was judging me, my attitude, my choice of things etc etc etc… it does not matter!

The fact that I read Harry Potter is that it’s a book. Simple. People read books. I could read a cookery book, a tribal book, an economics book and also a book with a language I cannot understand!

Now coming to the fact that I’m 21~ what’s wrong if you are 21? You cannot do what you did as a child?! You cannot dance and sing in the rain? You cannot read Harry Potter? When 21ers can sit for 3 hours and watch a movie like Om Shanthi Om… I can read Harry Potter!

What happens after someone is 21?

They go a little far away from parents?

Home seems like a big bore?

Friends look like life?

The ‘YO’ words come into picture?

‘Hanging Out’ is the best thing to do?

Damn it! I just read a book! You grow up kid… nah nah… YOU grow up kid…. You GROW UP kid… you grow up KID!!! It’s a world of choice and life! It’s what you want to do that you end up doing! I pity you’ve lost the child in you… I’m still alive! Alive and aloud! Wanna hear??!!! GROW UP YOU BACHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The little girl in me a lot alive and aloud! I know it! If you don't know where you lost you're little girl... Go FIND YOURSELF! You should have probably left her at the door of the pub you went to last night... or try checking the coffee shop you had a hookah in... could also be the mall you bought your OFF-NECK gown... or also the day someone told u they don't wear the bindi and from the next day u dint wear yours! LOL!!

Grow up kid... Find yourself!

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