19 June, 2017

Your recent inspiration - Monday Chit chat at Break Period

After the weekend, at Break Period there is a usual sigh of relief about meeting again and about getting sometime without the kids at home. I had an exhausting Monday with a few meetings in schools and I couldn't really wait for today's chit chat. We have a bunch of new mommies among us and we couldn't stop yapping.

I was dying to share with the group about a recent event that had inspired me so much. I had recently heard about a friend who had given birth to her second daughter at a birth village in Kerala wherein you do not do scans, vaccines or anything hospitaly. Instead, you had an assisting midwife who helps you deliver your baby naturally without any scientific interference. I found this an extremely gutsy story and came across this picture of the baby with the placenta and umbilical cord intact. Very few pictures have been emotionally, spiritually or mentally awakening to me. To me, the mental image of seeing my parents whenever they picked me up from boarding school keeps running on loop because that image never leaves you. Another recent picture that I came across was the picture where Jacqueline Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy kneel and bow their heads on JFK's coffin. I haven't been able to get that image out of my head ever since. This one with the baby attached to her placenta was another. I was shaken by the raw human truth behind it. What a wonderful message and what a wonderful way of being the example!

The group had so many things to share and a few mommies ended up reading it online right there. That's when I realised that I was sitting among a bunch of women who were all about uplifting each other and appreciating the emotion behind this! I had also noticed that ever since this story had made the rounds, the power I see in women who talked to me about it was radiating!

Get to know more about this amazing lady at www.durgeshnandhini.com

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